12 Tips and Tricks for Google Map in 2024

Explore Google Maps like a pro! Discover hidden features, customize navigation, and make your travel seamless with these expert tips and tricks.

By Abhishek Chandel
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12 Tips and Tricks for Google Map

12 Tips and Tricks for Google Map

Google Maps offers so much beyond just looking up directions from point A to point B. With clever features and capabilities, it can really enhance your navigation experience and make travel easier. This article explores some of the top tips and tricks for getting the most out of Google Maps.

1. Get an AR View with Live View

Live View utilizes augmented reality to overlay directions and points of interest right on top of the real world when you're navigating. To use it, open the Google Maps app and tap the camera icon at the top of the screen. Hold up your phone and you'll see nearby restaurants, shops, transit stops and more labeled and pinned on top of the landscape around you. This creates an immersive navigation aid right before your eyes. Live View is currently available in selected cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

2. Add Multiple Stops to Your Driving Directions

Road trips often involve going to more places than just point A and point B. To add stops along your driving route in Google Maps, first enter your starting point and final destination. Then tap the three dot menu icon in the top right and select "Add Stop." This allows you to insert other destinations between the start and end points. You can even drag and drop the stops to reorder them as needed.

3. Customize Your Navigation Icon with Different Vehicles

Personalize your directions by changing the icon that represents your location as you navigate. Tap the blue dot showing your current position. From there you'll see options to select a sedan, pickup truck or SUV icon. This allows you to better visualize directions suited to the type of vehicle you're driving.

4. Use Voice Commands for Hands-Free Navigation (Android)

Voice commands allow you to interact with Google Maps on the go without taking your eyes off the road. Android users can enable "OK Google" and ask questions like "find nearby gas stations" or "what's my next turn?" This is perfect for checking routes and directions hands-free while driving. Just say "OK Google" and speak your request.

5. Download Maps to Use Offline When Traveling

Don't let a lack of signal ruin your navigation on a trip. Before traveling somewhere with limited connectivity, you can download offline Google Maps for that area:

  1. Search for the location you'll be visiting offline.

  2. Tap the menu icon in the top right.

  3. Select "Download offline map".

This saves the map to your device so you can still access directions and business information without an internet connection.

6. Measure Distances Between Any Two Map Points

Need to calculate the distance between two locations? Google Maps can do it for you. On desktop, right click on your starting point and choose "Measure distance." Then click your desired ending point and it will display the distance between them. You can continue adding more points to measure a multi-stop trip.

7. Time Travel with Street View to See How Places Have Changed

Ever wondered what a location looked like years ago? With Street View's time travel feature, you can roll back the clock. On desktop, click the stopwatch icon in the top left corner of Street View (where available). This opens a slider that lets you view earlier Street View imagery. It's like a digital tour through history!

8. Share Your Real-Time Location with Friends

Heading somewhere to meet up with friends? You can share your live location with them directly in Google Maps:

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top right.

  2. Select "Location sharing."

  3. Choose who to share with and for how long.

Your selected friends will see your icon moving on their maps in real-time. This makes coordinating meetups much easier!

9. Search Incognito Without Saving History

For extra privacy, try searching in Google Maps incognito mode. It won't save any of your map activity to your Google account history or send notifications. To turn it on:

  1. Tap your profile icon.

  2. Enable "Incognito mode" in the menu.

Your searches won't be associated with your account while it's enabled.

10. Become a Local Guide for Perks and Early Access

If you love sharing local tips, become a Google Maps Local Guide! By contributing detailed reviews, photos, business info and more, you earn points to unlock perks like early access to new features. It's a great way to benefit your community's online maps.

11. Find Wheelchair Accessible Transit Routes and Locations

Google Maps provides features to make navigation easier for wheelchair users:

  • When viewing transit directions, turn on the "Wheelchair accessible" option to see accessible routes.

  • Enable the "Accessible places" setting to view wheelchair accessibility information for locations.

12. Optimize Routes for Fuel Efficiency in Settings

Concerned about gas mileage for an upcoming drive? You can have Google Maps factor fuel efficiency into your route:

  1. Go to Navigation settings.

  2. Toggle on "Prefer fuel efficient routes."

  3. Select your vehicle's engine type - gas, diesel, electric, hybrid.

Google will provide route options optimized to save you the most gas for your trip!

Wrap Up

With clever tools like AR views, customizable icons, location sharing and more, Google Maps can truly improve your navigation experience. Try out these tips and tricks to master Maps! What other features do you find indispensable? Share your favorites in the comments.

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