Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: After One Month Review!

Explore the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max to determine the ultimate flagship smartphone.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: After One Month Review

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: After One Month Review!

Which flagship takes the crown - the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max? Both devices wow with speedy performance, stunning screens and powerful cameras. But one surpasses the other in key areas like display resolution, zoom capabilities, low light photography and battery life. Let's compare these top smartphones across their displays, cameras, performance and more to determine an overall winner.

1. Display

The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a gigantic 6.8" LTPO AMOLED Screen with a resolution of 1440x3200. This equals an outstanding 505 pixels per inch density. In comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 6.7" Super Retina XDR OLED screen at 1284x2778 and 460PPI.

More pixels mean sharper images and text on the S24 Ultra. It also gets much brighter, reaching an incredible 2600 nits for improved visibility compared to the iPhone's 2000 nits maximum brightness. With ultra-thin bezels and a centrally located hole-punch front camera, the S24 Ultra provides an immersive screen experience with a screen-to-body ratio of over 89.1%.

2. Camera

The headlining camera on the S24 Ultra is its massive 200MP ISOCELL HP2 wide lens. This huge sensor lets you zoom in close while maintaining detail. You'll also find dual telephoto cameras, one with 3x and the other at 5x optical zoom.

The iPhone only offers a single telephoto at 5x zoom, giving the S24 Ultra more versatile zoom ranges. Low light shots and night mode photos display less image noise and maintain clearer blacks/shadows on the S24 thanks to its larger pixels and multi-frame processing.

3. Performance

Both smartphones boast the latest and greatest chipsets - the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in the S24 Ultra and Apple's lightning-fast Apple Bionic A17 Pro. However, benchmarks show the S24 has a slight edge in raw processing speeds thanks to its powerful octa-core processor architecture.

Even more importantly, its 12GB of RAM provides significant advantages over the iPhone 15 Pro Max's 8GB. Users can seamlessly juggle larger numbers of resource-intensive apps without slowdowns. Graphically demanding mobile games also run exceptionally smooth on the S24 Ultra.

4. Software Features

The S24 Ultra takes AI functionality to another level. Its advanced Scene Optimizer automatically recognizes scenes and optimizes photo settings for optimal results. AI also enhances images with intelligent adjustments.

On-device translation, visual text extraction, and article summarization using natural language processing set it apart from other smartphones. The iPhone lacks these types of innovative artificial intelligence features. Overall, the S24 Ultra feels at the forefront of utilizing AI for enhanced mobile experiences.

5. Battery Life

In addition to their giant capacities of 5000mAh and 4425mAh, Samsung optimized the S24 Ultra for exceptional power efficiency. Multiple battery tests showed it consistently outperforming the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This allowed the S24 Ultra to easily last over 1-2 hours then the iPhone 15 Pro Max of intensive usage before needing to charge, handily beating the iPhone's solid but less impressive full-day battery life.

6. Design

Both devices exude meticulous craftsmanship with premium glass backs, seamless Titanium frames and sculpted edges. The larger 6.8-inch display makes the S24 Ultra slightly taller and wider than the 6.7-inch iPhone.

A storage compartment for its included S Pen stylus is neatly housed at the bottom, completing its productivity-focused yet aesthetically refined design.


In summary, the Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrates clearly superiorly in its mammoth high-resolution screen, versatile zoom camera system, longer-lasting battery, abundant memory, and cutting-edge AI features. For those seeking the pinnacle of smartphone technology across various categories, the S24 Ultra rightfully earns top honors. Though both are excellent devices, Samsung's latest takes the prize as the more advanced and full-featured flagship.

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