7 Ways To Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra!

Master screenshotting on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra! Explore 7 methods, from button combos to S Pen features, for quick, easy captures.

By Abhishek Chandel
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7 Ways To Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

7 Ways To Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Capturing screenshots is an important function for any smartphone user. Being able to save information on your screen, capture images to share, or troubleshoot issues requires you to know how to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. In this post, we'll go over 7 ways to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with detailed steps.

Method 1: Side Button + Volume Down Button

The Side and Volume Down button shortcut is the fastest and most direct way to take a screenshot on your S24 Ultra. Both physical buttons are located on the right side of the phone, making them easy to press together to capture your screen.


1. Hold your S24 Ultra naturally & press the Side button and Volume Down button at the same time.

2. Release both buttons.

3. Your screenshot will be captured.

Method 2: Palm Swipe

Using the Palm Swipe gesture to take screenshots provides a convenient, touch-free way to capture your S24 Ultra's screen without pressing any buttons. This method does require enabling the Palm Swipe feature first.


1. Open Settings and tap on Advanced Features.


2. Select Motions and Gestures.

3. Turn on the toggle for Palm swipe to capture.

4. To take a screenshot now using a Palm Swipe, hold your palm on the screen. Quickly swipe your palm across the screen, either right to left or left to right. Swipe once firmly and fluidly.

Swipe the screen with your palm to capture a screenshot

5. Your screenshot will automatically be taken once your palm fully moves across the screen.

6. You'll get visual and audio confirmation that the screenshot was captured.

Method 3: Quick Settings Panel

The Quick Settings panel gives you a convenient way to access the Screenshot tool without having to open any apps or use gestures. It's located just a swipe and tap away for easy access.


1. Swipe down from the top of your S24 Ultra's screen to open the Quick Settings panel.

2. Look for and tap the Screenshot icon. It looks like an image of your screen with curved corners.

3. If you don't see the Screenshot icon, then open the Quick Settings panel & tap the Pencil icon.


4. Now select the Edit button.

4. Drag the Screenshot icon from the "available button" into your Quick Settings panel.

5. Now whenever you want to take a screenshot then open the quick settings panel & tap the Screenshot icon to instantly take a screenshot.

Method 4: Edge Panel

The customizable Edge Panel provides quick access to screenshots from any screen on your S24 Ultra without going through menus.


1. Open the settings app & tap on the Display option.


2. First turn on the toggle next to Edge Panels & then open it.

3. Here select the Panels option.

4. Now select the Tasks for your edge panel.

5.  Swipe out the Edge Panel handle from the right side of your screen & tap the "Take Screenshot" option in the Edge Panel.

6. Your screenshot will be captured and saved to the Gallery automatically.

Method 5: S Pen Screenshot

The precision S Pen that comes with your Galaxy S24 Ultra allows you to take customizable and annotated screenshots.


1. Remove the S Pen from the bottom slot of your S24 Ultra.

2. Hover the S Pen tip just above the screen to show the Air Command menu & open it.

3. Select Smart Select to capture a specific area or Screen Write to annotate.


4. Use the S Pen to draw around the area you want to capture or write notes on the screenshot.

5. Tap Save or the save icon to save your screenshot to the Gallery.

Method 6: Voice Command

You can take screenshots completely hands-free on your S24 Ultra by using voice commands with Bixby or Google Assistant. Just say the command and your screenshot will be captured.


1. Activate your preferred voice assistant by saying "Hi Bixby" or "Okay Google."

2. Say "Take a screenshot" in a clear voice.

3. Your S24 Ultra will take a screenshot automatically with no need to touch the phone.

4. The screenshot will be saved directly to your Gallery for immediate access.

Method 7: Scrolling Screenshot

When you want to capture an entire page that requires scrolling, use scrolling screenshots on your S24 Ultra.


1. Use any of the previous screenshot methods to capture the initial screenshot.

2. After taking the screenshot, you will see an expanded view icon next to a mini thumbnail preview in the lower left corner. Keep taping on it & it'll slowly scroll down on the page to capture more content. The screenshot will stitch together as you scroll.


With 7 different methods, you can take customized screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra using buttons, gestures, S Pen tools, voice commands, and scrolling capture. These options give you speed, convenience, annotation abilities, hands-free operation, and full-page capturing. Experiment with the different techniques to find which fits your screenshot needs. Become a pro at capturing your S24 Ultra's screen exactly how you want, whenever you need to save information, share visuals, or troubleshoot issues.

FAQs - Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

How do I save screenshots with additional editing options?

When you take a screenshot, tap on the preview thumbnail in the bottom left corner. This will open editing tools to draw, crop, annotate and more before saving.

How do I capture a video recording of my screen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Open the Quick Settings panel and tap Screen Recorder to start recording your on-screen actions. Tap stop to finish and save the video.

Where are my screenshots saved on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Screenshots are automatically saved in the Gallery app for easy access. Look in the Screenshots album.

How do I share screenshots directly from the notification panel?

When you take a screenshot, swipe down from the top to open the notification panel. Here expand the screenshot & then tap the share button to share it directly from here.

Is there a way to take screenshots without the shutter sound?

Yes, you can mute all system sounds & now it'll take screenshots without the shutter sound.

What image formats can I use for screenshots on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

From the advanced features settings, you can set screenshots to be saved as high-quality JPG or PNG files.

Can I add annotations or text to my screenshots?

Yes, when you open the screenshot preview you can draw, add text, stickers, and more before saving edits.

How do I take a screenshot of a specific area on the screen?

Use the S Pen Smart Select tool to outline and capture only a specific portion of the screen.

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