Best photography accessories for iPhone in 2023

Elevate your content with wide-angle lenses, remote shutter, flexible tripod, portable lighting, and superior audio.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best photography accessories for iPhone in 2023

Best photography accessories for iPhone

The iPhone's built-in camera provides incredible functionality, yet remains limited in creative flexibility. But with the right accessories, you can transform your iPhone into a powerful creative tool for photography and videography. Certain lens attachments can capture wider, more dramatic perspectives. Remote shutter releases allow hands-free selfies and group shots. Portable tripods provide stable support for crisp clarity. External mics vastly improve audio quality. And creative lens filters add artistic, customized effects. With just a few key add-ons, you can take your iPhone photography to the next level and capture professional-quality content.

1. Moment Wide 18mm Lens


An external wide angle lens like Moment's 18mm lens allows you to capture expansive, dramatic scenes that the iPhone lens alone can't achieve. The wide 18mm perspective captures more of the landscape or architecture in one shot, making it perfect for capturing tall buildings, sprawling natural vistas, large group shots, and tight spaces like tiny rooms or vehicles. The durable, multi-element lens quickly attaches to your iPhone via the Moment case or mounting plate. With the wider field of view, you can get jaw-dropping wide angle shots with boosted clarity and minimized distortion.


  • Captures more expansive scenes

  • Dramatic wide angle perspective

  • Boosted clarity and sharpness

  • Durable metal construction


  • Requires Moment case or mounting plate

  • Can cause some distortion around edges

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2. Apple Watch Remote Shutter Release


Trying to snap a crisp selfie or group shot using the iPhone's timer function can lead to camera shake and blurry photos. For perfectly steady shots, use your Apple Watch as a wireless remote shutter release for your iPhone camera. After linking your Apple Watch and iPhone, simply open the camera app on both devices. Then when you're ready, just tap the shutter button on your Apple Watch screen to instantly snap a photo or start/stop recordings on your iPhone from a distance. This allows you to get the perfect hands-free shots without any camera shake or blur.


  • Wireless remote control

  • Hands-free selfies and group shots

  • Avoids camera shake blur


  • Requires owning Apple Watch

  • Limited range from iPhone

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3. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit


To get perfectly stable, professional-quality iPhone photos and videos, you need a sturdy yet flexible tripod like the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit. This portable tripod has flexible, wrappable legs that can grip onto poles, branches, railings or any uneven surface. The sturdy design keeps your iPhone steady for crisp shots, while the ballhead lets you tilt and pivot your iPhone into any angle. The kit also comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter release for hands-free operation. This is the perfect iPhone tripod for travel, outdoor shoots, long exposures, timelapses, and more.


  • Flexible, wrappable legs

  • Grips uneven surfaces

  • Sturdy construction avoids shake

  • Comes with remote shutter release


  • Shorter than full size tripods

  • Minimal adjustability

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4. Lume Cube Panel Mini

One of the best ways to instantly elevate your iPhone photos and videos is to use a portable LED light like the Lume Cube Panel Mini. This ultra slim, pocket-sized LED light panel casts perfectly diffused, soft light wherever you need it. The adjustable brightness gives you just the right amount of light. For photography, the Lume Cube eliminates shadows and illuminates people or objects. For video, it provides constant, flattering light indoors or outdoors. The lightweight, rechargeable design clips anywhere and runs for hours, making it the ideal iPhone lighting solution.


  • Lightweight and portable

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Diffused, soft light

  • Adjustable brightness


  • Lower output than larger panels

  • Battery life limited compared to larger lights

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5. Shure MV88+ Video Kit


iPhone microphones don't deliver the best audio quality, especially for videos, vlogs, interviews, and podcasts. For professional sound, you need an external iPhone mic like the Shure MV88+. This digital stereo condenser mic plugs right into your iPhone's lightning port. With two mic capsules, it provides crystal clear stereo audio in two versatile pickup patterns. The kit also includes a phone clamp, windjammer, and mic stand adapter for ideal recording setups. For the best iPhone audio for videos, music, and more, the Shure MV88+ is ideal.


  • Great quality stereo audio

  • Multiple pickup patterns

  • Windjammer reduces noise

  • Comes with phone clamp and stand adapter


  • Requires Lightning port access

  • Higher price than some competitors

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By equipping your iPhone with a few affordable photography accessories, an entire realm of creative possibilities opens up. You'll be able to capture jaw-dropping landscapes, stabilize shaky video, illuminate dim scenes, and make playful, customized photo effects. As iPhone cameras advance, these accessories boost your photography skills beyond what the iPhone can do alone. For content creators, social media influencers, and photography enthusiasts, these gadgets provide the missing tools to take your shots to a professional level. Investing in the right iPhone add-ons can elevate your photos and videos.

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