How To Use Calendar On Mac

Get organized with the Calendar app on your Mac.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How To Use Calendar On Mac

How To Use Calendar On Mac

Are you tired of juggling multiple calendars and missing important events? The Calendar app on your Mac has got you covered! With the ability to sync calendars from different accounts like iCloud, Google, and Exchange/Outlook, you can see all your events in one place.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through adding calendars, viewing them in different ways, creating and managing events, and even exporting and importing calendars. So, let’s dive in and get organized!

How to Add Calendars

The Calendar app on your Mac allows you to sync multiple calendars from different accounts, putting all your events and appointments in one place.

You can sync calendars from iCloud, Google, and your work Exchange/Outlook account. This means you'll see all important meetings, events, and reminders from all aspects of your life within the same calendar.

To create a new calendar open the Calendar app & from the File menu at the top Select "New Calendar" & click on "iCloud". And it'll create a New Calender that you can see in the left menu bar. By double-clicking on this you can give a name for the calendar like "Work Tasks" or "Kids Sports".

How to View Calendars

The Calendar app for Mac gives you multiple options for viewing all your synced calendars and events.

For this click on the "View" option at the top & from here you can select your view by Day View, Week View, Month View, and Year View.

Day View: See all your appointments and meetings for a single day. This view shows you the exact times of your events.

Week View: View all your events for an entire week displayed on a Sunday - Saturday calendar. Week view is great for planning.

Month View: See your appointments, meetings, and all-day events on a monthly calendar view. Quickly spot recurring events and time off.

Year View: It'll allow you to get a view of the whole year. By clicking on a particular month & you'll see the event of that month.

Experiment with the different views to find the one that suits you best at any given time. Switch between views with just a click to find the view that works for planning and organizing your schedule.

How to Create Events Mac

1. Open up your Calendar app. In the top left corner, you'll see a little plus sign. Click on that. The "New Event" window pops up. Enter a title for your event in the title field.

2. Then select the start and end times using the handy date/time pickers. Go the extra mile and add some additional details. Click "Add Location" and type in where your event is taking place. Use the "Notes" section to jot down anything else. You can also invite some people using their email addresses in the "Add Invitees" field, separating multiple addresses with commas. The invites will be automatically sent once you save your event!

How to Manage Events on Mac

Once you've made an event in your Mac calendar, there are a few simple things you can do to keep it organized and manage it over time.

1. You Edit the details of the event - Change the title, location, notes, and invitees, and Change the date and/or time. For this simply double-click on the event & make your changes.

2. To Delete the event which Remove it completely from your calendar. Right-click on the event & click on the Delete option.

How to Export and Import Calendars on Mac

If you have events and appointments in your macOS Calendar app that you want to share with others, you can export your calendars and send them to recipients so they can import into their own Calendar apps.

Exporting Calendars

1. Open the Calendar app and Select the calendars you want to export from the list. Then click File at the top left, and here select Export Calendars from the dropdown menu.

2. Next give the export a file name & select the folder where you want to export. And Click Export. Now your calendar data will be saved as a ".ics" file that you can email to recipients.

Importing Calendars

1. Open the Calendar app and click File at the top left and select Import Calendars from the dropdown menu. Here locate the file you want to import, usually an ics or vcs file sent from a contact.

2. Select Where you want to add the imported calendar to. You can select the merge with the existing calendar or you can select a new calendar in iCloud or Google.

3. Click on the OK button. The events and appointments in the file will be added to the selected calendar.


The Calendar app on Mac is a game changer for getting organized and staying on top of your schedule. It syncs all your online calendars so they're in one place. You can see calendars in different views like list, month, and week. You can easily create and edit events - add invites, reminders, and alerts. And import/export calendars to share with others.

Giving the Calendar app a go is a no-brainer. You'll be blown away by how much easier and simpler it makes managing your schedule. The color coding, visualization of your free/busy times, and reminders that actually work will completely change how you keep track of meetings and appointments.

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