Best VPN for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Protect your privacy and security using VPNs.

By Sagar Thakkar
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best vpn apps for iPhone and iPad

best VPN apps for iPhone and iPad.

Are you looking for a secure way to browse the internet on your iPhone or iPad while accessing global content? The iOS App Store offers a wide range of VPN apps that allow you to utilize proxy servers from various regions. If you're searching for the perfect VPN app that prioritizes location and browsing speed without compromising on privacy, we have the solution for you. Discover the five best VPN apps for iPhone and iPad that have stood the test of time.

1. VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

When it comes to VPN apps, none compare to the exceptional performance of VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy. This app offers a multitude of server locations, is free to use, and boasts a user-friendly interface. Connecting to a proxy server is as simple as a single tap, making it ideal for users who wish to access content from foreign countries such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and more.

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy.png

In addition to its impressive server network, VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy allows you to check your internet speed when connected to a VPN server. Moreover, you can examine your proxy address and switch between various VPN configurations, including OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and Auto Mode, to ensure different levels of security.

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2. TurboVPN

For a fast and secure VPN experience that grants you access to global content, TurboVPN is the perfect choice. With a tap on your iPhone, this app connects you to its fastest VPN server while safeguarding your proxy information.

Turbo VPN Private Browser

TurboVPN goes further by offering a private browser, enabling you to browse discreetly. The private browser provides swift access to popular sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook, facilitating the streaming of international programming.

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3. VPN PotatoVPN

Designed with streaming enthusiasts in mind, Potato VPN is a remarkable app that enhances your streaming experience. It offers several free video servers, enabling you to stream content from the most popular video networks.


With VPN servers spread across the globe, Potato VPN is an excellent choice if you're interested in accessing video content from specific regions. Additionally, this VPN app supports a variety of VPN web protocols, ensuring a secure browsing experience. Its user-friendly interface and dedicated streaming servers make it an enjoyable platform for binge-watching.

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4. X VPN

When it comes to securely browsing, X VPN offers extra security measures. You have the freedom to choose from a range of VPN protocols that suit your desired level of security. Furthermore, the app allows you to select your server region according to your preferences.


One standout feature of X VPN is its provision of VPN servers specifically optimized for game consoles. If you're an avid gamer with popular consoles like PS4 or Xbox, you can configure them to access foreign games and content using this app.

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5. Better VPN:

If you're new to the world of VPNs and simply want to hide your proxy, Better VPN is the minimalist and user-friendly option you've been looking for. It doesn't have servers across every continent like most VPNs, but instead offers a selection of general servers in specific countries.

Better VPN

The simplicity of Better VPN is its strength, as you can connect to the VPN by simply choosing a country and clicking the Connect button. No manual server location selection is required from a menu, making it incredibly straightforward to use.

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There are instances when browsing privately or accessing international resources becomes essential. In such situations, these VPNs can prove invaluable. Each of the apps mentioned above offers a great browsing experience with a focus on different purposes. We hope this list helps you choose the ideal VPN app to suit your needs, ensuring a secure and seamless browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad. Want to browse safely on Mac as well? Check out the best VPN apps for Mac below. 

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