Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2023

Make your iPhone videos more professional and shareable with advanced video editing tools.

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video editing apps for iphone

Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Whether you're eager to showcase a brief video you've captured on platforms like Instagram and TikTok or create engaging Vlogs for YouTube, it's often necessary to enhance your videos with professional editing. Luckily, the iOS App Store offers a wide range of video editing applications that can elevate the quality of your content. If you're looking for the most effective app to enhance your videos, checkout the best video editing apps for iPhone.

1. InShot - Video Editor

If you're seeking a top-notch video editing app, InShot should be your go-to choice. With InShot, you can infuse your videos with music, stunning transition effects, dynamic text, and expressive emojis. You can even alter the background and apply various filters.

Inshot iOS App

InShot provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even for beginners. Recently, the app has delved into artificial intelligence, introducing AI effects and animations that effortlessly inject amusement into your videos. Last but not least, InShot's materials section offers a plethora of video effects, stickers, and animations that really enhance your creative potential. Downloading these stickers lets you infuse your videos with humor, making them even more enjoyable.

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2. Filmora

Filmora is widely acclaimed for its extensive collection of pre-designed video effects templates. Upon entering the app, you'll be greeted with a delightful assortment of templates for filters, music, stickers, and more. These templates will please your senses with a vibrant palette of colors.


The app provides exceptional editing features, including trimming, music integration, diverse effects, filters, adjustments, and captivating background effects. Filmora's creator hub. You can access tutorials that guide you to transform your videos into captivating and professional masterpieces using special effects. You can connect with a community of skilled creators, expanding your network and gaining valuable insights into video editing.

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3. Vita - Video Editor & Maker

For those seeking an engaging video editing experience to elevate their Vlogs, Vita is the ideal choice. Vita boasts a vast array of AI painting, flash, transition effects, text overlays, and other captivating features that effortlessly inject enjoyment into your Vlogs. With thousands of ready-made templates at your disposal, you can effortlessly enhance your videos by seamlessly integrating them.


In addition to its impressive template collection, Vita is renowned for its professional editing capabilities. With features like background cutouts, music effects, AI effects, and a range of options for cropping, rotating, and color adjustments, Vita empowers you to create polished and visually stunning videos.

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4. VN Video Editor

If you're seeking a video editor specifically tailored to social media platforms, VN is the most suitable choice. VN Video Editor excels at providing pre-made templates designed specifically for social media, including Instagram reels, stories, YouTube videos, and eye-catching thumbnail templates.

VN Video Editor

VN offers basic video editing tools and comprehensive video FX features. This allows you to apply various effects and unleash your creativity to the fullest. VN's most impressive feature is BeatClips, enabling you to synchronize your videos with music beats for an immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, VN allows you to quickly and easily turn any video into an engaging Instagram Stories. This illustrates its dedication to meeting social media influencers' and content creators' needs.

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5. Splice - Video Editor & Maker

Splice caters to both beginners and seasoned video editors, making it a versatile choice for all. Splice stands apart for its innovative approach to video editing, dividing its features into two distinct parts. The first part focuses on essential editing functions, such as trimming, adding music, merging clips, and applying effects.


The second part houses a comprehensive set of professional tools, including captivating animation options, background removal capabilities, customizable captions, and an array of amazing effects. Splice offers an exclusive feature called social media preview. This feature grants you the ability to preview your designs within the context of your chosen social media platform.

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These are the top five video editing apps for your iPhone that are worth trying. We believe these apps will greatly enhance your video editing experience since they have been thoroughly tested. Built-in templates and AI enhancements make editing these apps easier and your creations more fun. All of these apps provide various advanced and basic editing tools to improve the quality of your videos. So, which video editing app will you try first?

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