5 Reasons why you should pick Android phone over iPhone

Explore the benefits of Android phones, from customization and hardware variety to expandable storage and more free apps.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Reasons why you should pick Android phone over iPhone 

Reasons why you should pick Android phone over iPhone

When it comes to choosing your next cell phone, one of the biggest factors to consider is whether to get an iPhone or an Android device. Both operating systems have their advantages and limitations, suiting different peoples' preferences. However, Android phones typically allow for more flexibility, opportunities for personalization, and better overall value. If you can't decide between Apple and Google's platforms, here are 5 good reasons why Android might be the better choice for your next mobile phone.

Reasons 1: More Choices

Perhaps the biggest plus of Android is all the options among manufacturers. Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, Sony - there are phones from these and others. The variety is immense. You can find a high-end phone with top features. Or consider something mid-level that's a good value. There are even budget devices under $200. Truly, Android caters to nearly every budget. With iPhones, you're restricted to what Apple puts out year after year. There's far more variability among Android devices at every price point.

Reasons 2: Customization

Android offers far more customization options compared to iOS. You have greater control over your home screens, including the ability to use live wallpapers, add widgets, and customize the layout. Ringtones can be edited and set for individual contacts. Even the camera interface and apps like the dialer and contacts can be customized. With an iPhone, what you see is basically what you get, with not much wiggle room for personalization.

Reasons 3: Expandable Storage

Storage is another big advantage of Android. Most devices use microSD cards that let you expand the built-in space by up to 512GB or 1TB - perfect for housing apps, shots, vids, and tunes. A 1TB iPhone would cost a small fortune at $1599! But with Android, you could get a 128GB phone and add a 1TB card for way less money, ending up with a ton more storage capacity overall. Expandable storage lets Android users get an enormous amount of extra room without breaking the bank.

Reasons 4: Better Notifications

The notification system on Android is far more robust and customizable. You get more options for how notifications are displayed, as well as notification histories and the ability to take actions right from the notifications shade without opening the full app. Things like quick replies to texts are available. iOS notifications seem very basic and limited in comparison.

Reasons 5: More Free Apps

The Google Play Store offers a wider selection of free apps across categories like productivity, games, and utilities compared to the iOS App Store. While the App Store has some free options, many useful and even basic apps come at a price - you may have to pay upfront for apps like calculator widgets, advanced camera features, automation tools, and more that are free downloads on Android. With over 3.5 million apps on Google Play, you can find excellent free alternatives for paid iOS apps.


In conclusion, Android phones offer significant advantages in areas like customization, flexibility, hardware variety, pricing, and expandable storage. While iPhones excel at the ease of use and seamless ecosystem integration, Android provides a highly competitive alternative. Unless you are tied into the Apple ecosystem, Android should be strongly considered thanks to the vast options, constant innovation, and lower prices. For most users, choosing an Android device over an iPhone means getting more advanced features, flexibility, and value without giving up a high-end smartphone experience.

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