Top 10 paid iPhone games in 2023

Dive into premium gameplay with these top-rated iOS paid games. From sandbox adventures to challenging puzzles, endless fun awaits!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Top 10 paid iPhone games

Top 10 paid iPhone games

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity, with millions enjoying games on their iPhones and iPads daily. Apple's App Store features a robust selection of high-quality paid game apps spanning countless genres and styles. While free games rely on ads and in-app purchases, paid games allow for more premium gameplay experiences. This list will highlight some of the most popular and best-reviewed iOS paid game apps.

1. Minecraft ($6.99)

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game where players can explore and modify a randomly generated blocky 3D world. Gather resources like wood, stone, ores, food and more that can be crafted into everything from basic tools and shelter to elaborate castles and mechanisms. Join massive multiplayer servers and collaborate or compete with players from around the world. With regular updates, endless replayability and simple but deep mechanics, it's easy to see why Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time.

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2. Geometry Dash ($1.99)

Geometry Dash provides the ultimate test of skill, timing, and reflexes. Guide a jumping icon through an array of hazardous obstacles including spikes, portals, moving platforms, barriers and more. Dash forward, jump over gaps and fly through the air to survive increasingly difficult levels set to energetic, pulsing music tracks. Purchased stars can unlock additional features and levels. Thriving online Geometry Dash communities allow you to search for and play millions of user-created levels for endless gameplay variety.

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3. Monopoly - Classic Board Game ($4.99)

The classic board game comes to life on iPhone! Wheel and deal with friends to bankrupt each other through savvy property trading. Buy, sell and trade locations on the board to build houses, then hotels once you own complete colored property sets. Pass-and-Play with up to 6 players on one device or use multiplayer mode for games with family and friends on separate iPhones or iPads. Unlock achievements as you crush the competition on your quest for monopoly!

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4. Heads Up! ($1.99)

Heads Up! is a hilarious game perfect for parties and game nights with family or friends. One player holds the iPhone to their forehead. Friends then give clues to help the player guess words in categories like Animals, Movies, Celebrities and more. With over 1000 words across 40+ decks, gameplay stays fresh and unique. Heads Up! is fun for all ages and great for bringing people together through laughter and friendly competition.

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5. Bloons TD 6 ($6.99)

Build the ultimate monkey defense army! Place towers strategically around the map to pop every last invading bloon before they can escape. Earn money for each one you pop to afford upgrades and more powerful monkey towers. Unlock heroes with unique abilities like Gwen's flaming cocktail attacks. The tougher the track, the sweeter the victory! With Daily Challenges, tons of maps, achievements and deep strategies, Bloons TD 6 will have you playing for hours on end.

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6. Plague Inc. ($0.99)

Your goal is the end of human history! Mutate a deadly pathogen and evolve its symptoms to infect the entire world population. Make your plague resilient against humanity's defenses long enough to wipe them out. Strategically evolve transmissions like bird carriers, airborne abilities, and more. Combat healthcare systems by raising lethality slowly while infecting more hosts. Plague Inc. blends simulation, strategy, and infectious disease into an addictive global experience.

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7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99)

The award-winning Grand Theft Auto crime epic comes to iPhone with enhanced visuals and expertly optimized touch controls. Experience over 70 hours of story gameplay exploring the sprawling state of San Andreas as CJ - from the massive, bustling metropolis of Los Santos to the sweeping countryside of Blaine County. With sophisticated open-world gameplay, a gritty early 90s atmosphere, and one of gaming's best storylines, it's easy to see why GTA: San Andreas is considered one of the most influential games ever made.

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8. Stardew Valley ($4.99)

Escape the grind and embrace farm life in Stardew Valley. Start with an overgrown plot then grow crops, raise animals, befriend townsfolk, and customize your farmhouse. Explore fishing spots, mines, and craft equipment to gain resources. Romance and marry one of the 12 townspeople you choose. With real-time seasons, randomly generated world maps, unique events in each playthrough, and charming 16-bit visuals, the valley holds endless potential for adventure. Inherit Grandpa's old farm plot and make it your own in Stardew Valley!

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9. Papa’s Freezeria To Go! ($0.99)

Whip up deliciously customized ice cream treats in Papa's Freezeria! Take orders from wacky customers, load cups, add ice cream and toppings, then blend, decorate and serve sundaes just how customers like them. Unlock an array of items to upgrade your shop including new types of sundaes, mixables, syrups and more. With 80 in-game achievements, you'll be scooping sundaes for hours on end. The perfect blend of cooking, time management and customization, Papa's Freezeria is freezer fun for all ages!

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10. Red's First Flight ($0.99)

Guide a charming red bird named Red on his first flight in this relaxing, atmospheric flying game. Tap anywhere on the screen to flap Red's wings and keep him airborne. Navigate through lush forests, across golden fields and beaches, and above lazy rivers. With intuitive one-touch controls, no penalties for crashing, and no end goal beyond the journey itself, Red's First Flight is the perfect casual game for gamers of all ages to sit back, relax, and take flight.

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The iOS App Store truly offers a diverse selection of paid game apps to suit any taste or preference. This list highlights just a sample of the top-performing paid iPhone and iPad games that provide premium gameplay experiences across a variety of genres. With award-winning titles, innovative indies, mobile classics, and interactive party games, you're sure to find immersive new worlds and challenges to conquer.

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