Is Predator Hunting Grounds coming to Xbox?

Predator Hunting Grounds' developers take back the publishing rights for their game from Sony and announce several new exciting additions coming soon.

By Mokshit Batra
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Predator Hunting Grounds Xbox Release

Predator Hunting Grounds Xbox Release (Image via IIIFonic)

Predator Hunting Grounds is a first-person shooter multiplayer game beloved by gamers. While the game has no story mode, the multiplayer mode is regarded by fans as being one of the most fun FPS games. There have been certain new developments regarding the action multiplayer title over the past month, which has caused a lot of excitement among fans. 

Developed by IIIFonic, Predator Hunting Grounds was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for both the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows (via Steam & Epic Games Store) in 2020. However, due to being published by Sony, the Predator Hunting Grounds only saw a PlayStation & PC release. Similar to Helldivers 2, an Xbox launch was notably missing. 

IIIFonic recently announced that they had taken back the publishing rights from Sony and were going to publish the game going forward. This news was accompanied by several exciting announcements. 

Predator Hunting Grounds is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

IIIFonic announced that they would be bringing their Predator Hunting Grounds to the new generation of consoles later this year. It appeared as if Sony was not interested in launching the game for the next generation of consoles, as no PlayStation5 version had been announced since the release of the console. Hence, IIIFonic took matters into its own hands. 

Predator Hunting Grounds (Image via IIIFonic)


The studio confirmed that Predator Hunting Grounds will be released for the PlayStation 5 as well as The Xbox Series X and S in late 2024. Alongside this, the developers also announced many new additions coming to the game over the next two years. IIIFonic will release two major updates for Predator Hunting Grounds in 2024. An April update will update player movement, Fireteam weapon balance as well as UI/UX enhancements on both the PS4 and PC versions of the game. 

After Predator Hunting Grounds is released for the current generation of consoles, the studio will release another Winter update adding new predators to the game. Further, new predators will also added in early 2025. 

Charles Brungardt, IIIFonic's CEO, also made a statement regarding the state of the game. He mentioned, "The game still had a strong, enthusiastic player base and a vocal community that wants to see the game updated and supported. "

Now that the studio was publishing games itself, they wished to get the rights for Predator Hunting Grounds for themselves. Additionally, the studio is also working on a video game based on the 1988 horror movie Killers Klowns from Outer Space. 

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