How to get better aim in Fortnite?

Utilise these helpful tips and tricks to get better aim in Fortnite, allowing you to win more gunfights and victory royales in the popular battle royale.

By Mokshit Batra
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Better Aim in Fortnite

Better Aim in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Getting a better aim in Fortnite is the most essential skill you need to learn to win more gunfights in the popular battle royale. While skills such as building, editing, managing your resources and communicating with your team are all important, they are of no use if you cannot land your shots in a gunfight. 

Focusing on your basic skills, such as getting a better aim in Fortnite and improving your building skills, are things that you should master first before moving on to advanced techniques. While the best way to get better aim in Fortnite is by diligent practice, there are a few tips that you can use in your gameplay that will accelerate your progress towards hitting more shots. 

Get Better Aim in Fortnite with these five stellar tips

Optimise your Sensitivity Settings

There is no gameplay setting that affects your aim more than your sensitivity. While this may seem like a basic tip, it is highly essential to optimise your sensitivity to get a better aim in Fortnite. 

Fortnite Sensitivity Settings (Image via Epic Games)


While a faster sensitivity may allow you to turn around and move between targets quicker, a slower sensitivity will prove to be much more accurate while aiming down sights. You must find a balance between these two by hopping into creative mode courses built for aim practice and playing around with different sensitivities there. As you play more games, continue to fine-tune your sensitivity until you find the sweet spot for you. 

Learning Recoil Patters

Your gun's recoil can immensely throw off your aim during a gunfight. To prevent this from happening, try playing around with the guns you find yourself using most often. This will build the recoil's pattern into your muscle memory, allowing you to control it when need be.

Fortnite Gun Recoil (Image via Epic Games)


Recoil patterns in Fortnite are mostly vertical, meaning that your gun will kick upwards when firing rather than swaying sideways. To counter this, make a point of pulling down your controller stick or moving the mouse downwards slightly while firing. Even if you are using a fully automatic weapon, firing in bursts will help you control the recoil easily. 

Landing more headshots

This point ties into the gun's recoil patterns. Rather than hindering you, take advantage of the vertical recoil patterns. Fortnite gives you a significant boost in damage if you aim for the head rather than the body. However, aiming straight for the head is not only a hard task, but it will also make you shoot above the person after the gun kicks up. 

Fortnite Headshot (Image via Epic Games)

Use the recoil to your advantage. In a close-quarters gunfight, start by aiming your weapon at your opponent's upper chest. As you shoot a few bullets, the gun will kick up towards the opponent's head, allowing you to finish them off with a devastating headshot. 

First-Shot Accuracy and Tap-Firing

First-shot accuracy is an important mechanic that you must learn to get a better aim in Fortnite. This mechanic ensures that your first shot with an assault rifle will face no bullet spread and go in the exact direction of your crosshair. 

Fortnite First-Shot Accuracy (Image via Epic Games)


You can exploit this mechanic in longer-ranged fights by tap-firing. Rather than simply trying to beam down your opponents by holding down the shoot button, fire one shot, and let go of the fire button. After a minimal pause, you can take another shot to ensure that all your shots face no spread. Ensure that you are standing still while doing this, as movement cancels out the first-shot accuracy mechanic. 

Crouching during gunfights

Crouching is a mechanic that not only allows you to sneak up to opponents with minimal footstep sounds but also helps you get better aim in Fortnite. While it is essential to run and jump around during a gunfight to dodge your opponents' shots, you should know that crouching can be a lifesaver for you. 

Crouching and shooting in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Crouching tightens your crosshairs and reduces your gun's bullet spread. This can be especially helpful during long-ranged fights. Not only do you get higher accuracy, but you are not forced to constantly move around as much to dodge shots. 

Additionally, crouching during a gunfight can also throw your enemy off. Most enemies will be busy aiming for your head. Crouching down in between will make them miss their shots and force them to recalibrate their aim, giving you enough time to take them out. 

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