How to check your Valorant purchase history?

Riot Games allows you to view all transactions made and the date of purchase on your Valorant account since its creation with the Valorant Purchase History.

By Mokshit Batra
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Valorant Purchase History

Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Many players wish to see their Valorant Purchase history as it helps them track which items they have purchased alongside. They also wish to see the amount of money they have spent on the game till now. 

As Valorant is a free-to-play game, their main method of monetization comprises selling cosmetic items such as skins, Valorant Team capsules and season passes. Most of these items require Valorant points to buy, thus requiring real money. You can track these expenses easily with the Valorant Purchase History. 

Check your Valorant Purchase History

Unfortunately, your Valorant Purchase History cannot be viewed from inside the game. You will instead have to access the Riot Games website through a browser. 

Valorant Support (Image via Riot Games)


To go through your entire Valorant Purchase History, you can follow the steps outlined below -

  • Open a web browser. 
  • Visit the Riot Games website. 
  • Go to the Valorant Support Page.
  • Sign in with your Valorant account. 
  • Click on the "Purchase History" option. 
  • Click on the red tab titled "Get my Purchase History."
  • The site will then re-direct you to the Valorant Purchase History table displaying all your purchases. 
  • A table will pop up displaying your entire Valorant Purchase History.

This table will give the exact date and time for when a transaction was made on your Valorant account. The mode of payment that you used to purchase V-points will also be displayed for each individual transaction. For example, "Credit/Debit card." Finally, the list also displays the amount spent on each transaction in your local currency. This history dates all the way to when you first created a Valorant account. 

However, this Valorant Purchase History does not display any skins, bundles, or any other in-game items that you have bought. It also does not display how you have spent your Valorant Points in-game and any other purchases or unlocks you have made inside the game.

The Valorant Purchase History is merely a display of real money that you have spent on the game, not a log of the actual in-game purchases made. Still, this purchase history can be helpful in more ways than just checking your spending patterns on the game. The Valorant Purchase History serves as a record of your transactions and thus can be used as proof to solve any queries or issues you have. 

Having a track of this history can also prove helpful if fraudulent purchases are made from your account. In case you notice any unauthorized transactions or purchases that you did not make yourself in your Valorant Purchase History, make sure to contact Riot Games support immediately. 

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