How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription?

Follow this straightforward guide to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription on PS5 or PS4. Understand the potential drawbacks of cancelling.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

PlayStation Plus grants online multiplayer access, free monthly game downloads to build a game library, cloud saving of game data, and exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store. For many gamers, these bonuses make the subscription fee more than worthwhile. However, circumstances can change where maintaining the membership is not practical.

This guide will outline the straightforward cancellation process. It will also detail the potential downsides to weigh, such as missing out on online play, future games, cloud-saving utilities and special deals. Use this information to make the choice that best fits your needs and gaming habits.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription on PS5/PS4

  1. First, power on your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 console and sign in with the account linked to the PlayStation Plus subscription.
  2. Next, navigate to the Settings menu, which can be found with the icon of a gear next to your username on the home screen.
  3. Within Settings, scroll down and select the "Users and Accounts" option.

4. Then, choose the "Account" option below that. Under Account, select "Payment and Subscriptions."

5.  You will then see the "Subscriptions" option. Choose this.

6. Your PlayStation Plus subscription should be displayed. Select this subscription.
7. In the bottom left corner, you will see the option to "Cancel Subscription." Select this to initiate the cancellation process.
8. Sony will likely request confirmation of the cancellation. Review any information presented and, if you are certain, select the confirmation option.
9. Following these steps should successfully terminate the PlayStation Plus membership. The "Reactivate Subscription" choice will also appear here later if you wish to restart the subscription.

Potential Downsides of Canceling Your PlayStation Plus Subscription

No More Online Multiplayer Games

One of the biggest losses is not being able to play multiplayer modes in games that require an active PS Plus membership. Many top titles like Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite and more rely on PS Plus for online functionality. If you enjoy competing against friends or random players online regularly, this could severely limit your gaming options.

No Free Monthly Game Downloads

With an active subscription, PS Plus members get access to a selection of free games every month that can be downloaded and kept as long as membership is maintained. Once canceled, you will no longer receive these free game offerings. You'll also lose the ability to play any titles you previously redeemed through the monthly games program. That's a lot of potential games blocked off.

Cloud Game Saves Become Inaccessible

PS Plus provides cloud storage for backing up and transferring game save files between consoles. By canceling, you lose this important feature. Without cloud saves, it becomes much harder to pick up where you left off when using a different PlayStation system. There's also a risk of losing progress permanently if your console breaks and you can't retrieve a local save file.

Exclusive Discounts On Games, DLC And PSN Store Offers

As a member, you gain access to exclusive PS Plus member deals, potentially saving you plenty of money on new games, add-on content and more digital purchases over time. Non-members do not have the option to take advantage of special PS Plus discounted prices.

Possible Future Perks May Be Missed Out On

Looking longer term, there's a chance Sony may introduce new exclusive PS Plus member bonuses or features down the road. By cancelling your membership now, you lose the ability to benefit from any potential later perks designed specifically for current PS Plus subscribers.

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