How to Set Up Discord Voice Chat on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Connect Discord to your console for effortless voice chat, enhancing social gaming. Experience seamless integration on PlayStation and Xbox.

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How to Set Up Discord Voice Chat on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

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Do you like grouping up with your buddies for video game sessions but find it hard to keep the chat flowing smoothly? Well Discord has totally changed online talking - they brought virtual hangouts to PlayStation, Xbox, and more. This guide will walk you through connecting Discord voice to your favorite systems step-by-step for next-level social experiences while gaming.

Whether you like to chat from your phone, computer, or straight from the console, Discord supports tons of options. Link your account and unlock a world of opportunities - smoothly switch between playing and calling without messing with different devices.

Getting Discord Voice Chat Up and Running on Your PS5

1. To get started, launch the settings interface on your PlayStation device. From there, look for the menu selection labeled "Users and Accounts" and choose that option.

2. Next, choose the 'Linked Services' item and pick 'Discord' from the list displayed.

3. On the following screen, press the 'Link Account' button.

4. To complete the activation process, an authorization code will be displayed. Enter this code at the provided web address - - using a computer or laptop device. Or you can scan the QR code with your mobile app.

Once the linking process is fully complete, two methods become available for joining voice channels - either through the Discord app on a mobile device, or the desktop version of Discord accessible via computer. Additional instructions are provided below depending on the preferred voice option.

Joining a Voice Channel from Your Mobile Device

1. Open the Discord application on your mobile device. Here select the particular voice chat room you wish to join by tapping on its name.

2. Drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen and tap the "Transfer To PlayStation" selection.

3. All the PlayStations on your wifi will pop up - just pick your PS5 from the bunch. Hit the "Join The Call On PlayStation" button and you're all set.

Joining a Voice Channel from Your Computer

1. Launch the Discord desktop application on your computer, Locate the particular voice chat room you want to join and click on its name.

2. Next, Look for the icon labeled "Transfer to console" located in the bottom left section of the Discord app interface on your device. Once found, press this icon to view available selection options. You will then need to pick "Transfer to PlayStation" from the list of choices.

3. Select your PS5 console from the list of systems shown and press the "Transfer Voice" prompt. At this point, the linkage is complete. Your PlayStation will present a notification indicating entrance to the call.

You retain the option to depart the voice channel any time simply by closing the voice chat in the standard fashion through the Discord window on your computer.

The Simple Steps to Use Discord Voice on Xbox Series X/S

1. Go into the settings menu of your Xbox console. Select the 'Account' option and then select the 'Linked Social Accounts' option.

2, Locate the entry for 'Discord' under this Linked Social Accounts menu and press the 'Link' button.

3. A QR code will appear on your Xbox screen - open the Xbox app on your mobile device and use it to scan the QR code displayed on your Xbox. The app will then automatically handle linking your accounts.

After this setup, the Discord mobile app installed on your phone or tablet gives you freedom to quickly switch between various Discord voice chat rooms.

As an alternate method, opening Discord on your computer directs the audio through your Xbox console instead of your phone or PC speakers, providing flexibility in how you connect to voice calls while playing games on Xbox.

Using the Xbox Dashboard for Discord Voice

1. Press the Xbox button which is typically found in the center of the Xbox controller. This will open the sidebar menu. Then choose the "Parties & chats" selection from the options displayed.

2. Then pick Discord from the list of apps.

3. Explore the available options that are shown. Locate and then select the specific Discord voice chat room that you wish to join by clicking on its name. Make sure your console recognizes your mic too.

4. Once everything's ready to go, you can just sit back and start chatting it up! Don't forget you can always pull up the Options menu for things like adjusting audio levels or overlay settings.

It's super simple, no more messing around with multiple devices.

Discord Voice Through Your Mobile Device

1. Initially, enter the preferred voice chat room employing the Discord application on your mobile.

2. After that, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to access the overlay menu. Then select "Transfer to Xbox" from the options presented.

3. All detectable Xbox consoles will be displayed - simply choose your preferred system from the list. Following that, the connection is immediate.

That comprehensively concludes the entire process. At this point, unwinding in Discord voice chat rooms while engaging in Xbox games is possible. Be certain to end the session by closing the voice function within the Discord app upon completion.

Once you've linked up Discord to your console of choice, you've got total freedom and flexibility to voice chat however suits you best. Whether you're chasing that sweet multiplayer win with your squad's teamwork, planning the next epic game night, or just wanna hang with friends, Discord voice makes your console into the ultimate virtual hangout spot.


Can I use the built-in microphone on my controller for Discord voice chat?

Yes, the microphones built into the PS5 and Xbox controllers are compatible with Discord voice calls when set up properly through the console integration. Be sure to enable the controller mic in your system settings.

Can I manage Discord voice chat settings on consoles?

On Xbox Series X/S, you're able to adjust audio options for Discord voice calls like mic monitoring, push-to-talk, and the overlay appearance through the Options menu. For PS5, you'll need to change settings such as push-to-talk and mic sensitivity via the Discord mobile or desktop apps since there's no native console interface.

Can I hear game audio while in a Discord voice chat?

Yes, Discord voice chat is integrated with your console's audio output. So you can hear both your friends' voices and game audio/soundtracks simultaneously.

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