How To Adjust PS5 Power Indicator Brightness?

Discover how to tailor the brightness settings of your PS5 console and DualSense controllers to suit your preferences with this comprehensive guide.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How To Adjust PS5 Power Indicator Brightness

PlayStation 5 (Image via TechFirstNow)

Adjusting the brightness settings for your PS5 console and DualSense controllers is an important customization that allows you to tailor your gaming experience. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or vibrant indicators, taking a few minutes to tweak these brightness levels according to your tastes is worthwhile.

The brightness right out of the box may not align with how you envision your gaming space. So these straightforward steps will guide you through lowering or raising the brightness of your PlayStation devices.

Adjusting the PS5 Console Power Indicator Brightness

1. From the home screen, look to the top right corner. There you'll see a small icon of the settings menu button. Go ahead and press the X button on your controller to select this icon and open up the settings.

2. Once settings open up, you need to use the down arrow or left analogue stick to scroll through the different options menu. Keep an eye out for the word "System" listed as one of the options. Use your controller to highlight "System" then press the X button to select it.

3. Now that you're in the System menu, continue scrolling down through the other options until you see one that says "Beep and Light".  Inside the "Beep and Light" menu, look for the option labelled "Brightness". Highlight it using the left/right cursor then press X again to open this brightness setting screen.

4. On the brightness screen, it should currently be defaulted to the "Bright" setting. You'll have the option to cycle between "Bright", "Medium", or "Dim" brightness levels. Use the left/right buttons on your controller to scroll through and highlight the brightness you prefer, whether that's medium or dim.

5. Once you've selected the light brightness level you want, press the X button one last time. This will confirm your selection and save the new brightness setting for the PlayStation 5 power indicator light.

Adjusting the DualSense Controller Power Indicator Brightness

1. From the main PS5 settings menu interface, utilize the down button on your controller or the left analogue stick to scroll all the way down the list of options. You will be looking for a selection called "Accessories". Once highlighted, press the labelled "X" button to open this menu option.

2. Here, locate the entry "Controllers (General)" which deals with overall controller settings. Select this by pressing "X". This will open the submenu containing various options related to DualSense controllers. You will see "Brightness of Controller Indicators" - this allows adjustment of the light bar brightness. Go ahead and highlight it and press "X" once more to open the brightness level menu.

3. Here, you can toggle between the options of "Bright", "Medium", and "Dim" brightness for the power indicator light on paired DualSense controllers using the left/right on the directional pad. Select your preferred level of brightness and then press "X" one final time to save the change.

Tips and Considerations

  • For a synchronized experience, it's advised to set the brightness of both your PS5 console and DualSense controllers to matching levels.
  • Decreasing the brightness of your controller's power indicator can potentially lengthen how long it lasts on a single charge.
  • Think about tweaking the brightness according to the lighting in your gaming space or your individual tastes. Some favour dimmer for more immersion, while others prefer brighter for easier viewing.

It really only took a few quick menu selections to unlock control over how bright that iconic glow displays. Now you can experiment and see what level of dimness or brightness suits you. Find the right balance between seeing the light easily and maintaining the vibe you want when gaming. Also, keep in mind you aren't locked in - you can always change it up later if your preferences shift over time.

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