Will Instagram Finally Release an iPad App in 2024?

Dive into the speculation surrounding Instagram's potential iPad app release in 2024, addressing user expectations, obstacles, and interim solutions for iPad enthusiasts.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Will Instagram Finally Release an iPad App

Will Instagram Finally Release an iPad App

With over 2.4 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram remains one of the most dominant forces in social media. The platform's immersive, image-focused interface seems a perfect fit for the iPad. The iPad's large, high-resolution display and powerful camera seem ideal for both viewing and creating Instagram content. Yet in 2024, iPad users are still stuck without an Instagram experience properly optimized for the tablet's capabilities.

Why iPad Users Are Let Down by the Current Instagram Offering

Today, the only way for iPad owners to access Instagram is by downloading the iPhone app. However, this provides a very lackluster user experience:

  • The iPad's screen real estate is wasted, with massive black bars flanking the iPhone app on the sides in landscape orientation.

  • The app appears zoomed-in, with buttons and text spaced comically far apart. Stories span only a fraction of the screen.

  • Without a specialized iPad layout, less feed content is visible on screen at once compared to the phone.

  • Everything is enlarged and oversized, yet text remains hard to read comfortably on the iPad's display.

  • Key multitasking features unique to the iPad like split view and slide over are not supported.

Overall, the iPhone app on the iPad feels under-optimized, lacking any of the refinement expected of an iPad app. Instagram is squandering the potential of the iPad's large canvas.

Factors That Have Prevented an iPad-First Experience

Several factors help explain why iPad users still don't have an Instagram experience that feels native to the device:

  • Mobile Focus - Since its launch, Instagram has centered its development around the smartphone experience. The iPad simply may not be a priority.

  • Emphasis on Other Initiatives - Resources likely go towards Instagram's newer endeavors like IGTV, shopping, or Reels over iPad development.

  • Declining Tablet Market - As phone screens get larger, fewer consumers are buying tablets. This reduces the incentive to build specifically for tablets.

  • Increased Costs - Creating an iPad app separate from the iPhone involves added development and maintenance costs for Instagram.

Ultimately though, the reasoning is secondary. The end result is iPad users left behind without an Instagram app meeting the device's potential.

Can iPad Users Hope for an Optimized Instagram App in 2024?

Given Instagram's unrivaled status in photo sharing, an iPad app would seem a logical move. Is 2024 finally the year?

There are some promising signs:

  • Ever-Growing Userbase - With over 100% growth since 2018, an iPad Instagram app would expand Instagram's reach even further.

  • Rise of Large Phones - As more users opt for phones with over 6-inch screens, tablet-optimization becomes increasingly relevant.

  • Precedent from Other Apps - Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social networks have already created iPad versions to meet demand.

However, Instagram has not hinted at plans for iPad development. And with tablet shipments declining, the market forces may not be incentivizing Instagram to make an iPad app a priority.

Unless Instagram makes an surprise announcement, the prospect of a true native iPad Instagram app in 2024 unfortunately remains doubtful. While never say never, Instagram seems unlikely to devote resources to iPad-specific development anytime soon.

Making the Most of Instagram on iPad - For Now

The reality is iPad users will have to make do with the iPhone version for the foreseeable future. While far from perfect, this is still better than no Instagram access at all.

Here are some tips to help improve the Instagram experience on iPad for now:

  • Use landscape orientation for less wasted space compared to portrait.

  • Double tap on photos in the feed to temporarily zoom in.

  • Dictate longer captions and comments using voice input.

While these cannot replicate a fully optimized iPad app, they at least help treat the iPhone version's limitations.

For iPad-owning Instagram addicts, the wait continues in 2024 for the social media juggernaut to finally bring its famous interface fully onto their devices. But with no indications from Instagram on iPad plans, users may just need to make peace with the makeshift mobile experience for now.

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