Things You Should Know About Apple's Journal App (iOS 17.2)

Uncover the features of Apple's Journal app – end-to-end encryption, personalized prompts, reminders, and creative elements – making journaling easy and secure on your updated iPhone.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Things You Should Know About Apple's Journal App (iOS 17.2)

Things You Should Know About Apple's Journal App (iOS 17.2)

Apple recently released its new Journal app for iOS devices, included in the iOS 17.2 update. The Journal app aims to make keeping a personal journal easy and convenient right from your iPhone. If you haven't already used the free Journal app, here are key things you should know about this new tool for journaling on the go.

What is the Apple Journal App?

The Journal app is an app developed by Apple specifically to help users write journal entries and easily insert pictures, videos and other content. Your entries are stored locally on your iPhone, and you can choose to have backups saved on iCloud as well.

The app provides prompts, called Reflections, that you can opt to write about if you don't know where to start. Some Reflections may include things like "Think about something you love to do and why it brings you joy".

Journal can also suggest moments from your day to write about, like photos you took or podcasts you listened to, using on-device processing so the data stays private.

How Do You Get the Apple Journal App?

Getting the Journal app is easy! It's included in the iOS 17.2 update, so if you've downloaded that standard iPhone update, you should see the Journal icon right on your home screen ready to use.

How Do You Write an Entry Journal App?

Composing Journal entries is simple. Just tap the plus (+) icon on the Journal homepage and you can choose one of the suggested reflections or moments to write about by tapping "Start Writing".

Or you can start a new blank entry at any time as well to write freely about whatever thoughts or feelings you want to get down. You can include photos, videos, voice memos and more to enrich your journal entries within the app.

When you're finished, just tap "Done" and the entry is saved securely in the app.

Can Journal App Remind You to Write?

One helpful feature in the Journal app is the ability to set reminders and scheduling, so you form the journaling habit.

You can customize the days and times you want to receive reminders to open the Journal app and write an entry. So if inspiration always strikes late at night, you can plan entries accordingly!

Setting reminders can help some users stick to journaling, rather than forgetting about the app. The routines make it easier to journal daily or weekly by getting back into the app on a schedule.

Is the Journal App Secure?

Security and privacy is always a concern with journaling apps, but Apple has made an effort to keep Journal secure. According to Apple, the app has end-to-end encryption between your device and iCloud, so anything backed up online is protected.

Additionally, Journal uses on-device processes to generate prompts and suggestions, meaning your private data stays on your iPhone and is not sent externally.

You can also set up FaceID, passcodes, and auto-lock settings so only you can access the content within the Journal app when you want to.

Wrap Up

Apple's new Journal app makes keeping a private diary convenient by encrypting entries end-to-end, offering intelligent prompts to spark writing ideas, allowing customizable reminders to form long-term journaling habits, and enabling creative expression through photos, voice clips, maps and more - right from your updated iPhone with iOS 17.2. If ease, security and inspiration will help you journal consistently, this free app may be perfect for your needs.

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