6 Best Journal App alternatives for Android

Discover the top Android alternatives to iPhone journaling apps. From simplicity to rich features, find the perfect app for your journaling needs.

By Abhishek Chandel
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6 Best iPhone Journal app alternatives for Android

6 Best iPhone Journal app alternatives for Android

Journaling is a popular self-care activity that allows people to process emotions, reflect on experiences, and preserve memories. While iPhone offers some excellent journaling apps like Day One, Android users need not feel left out. There are many feature-rich, user-friendly, and even free journal apps well-suited for Android phones. Whether you seek a simple, quick daily diary, advanced privacy protection, vibrant visual themes, or rich analysis of mood patterns - exploring the 6 best iPhone journal app alternatives covered below will yield rewarding finds for every Android journaling enthusiast.

1. Journey: Diary, Journal, Notes

Journey is a feature-rich journal app that allows you to capture moments and memories with photos, videos, or audio recordings. With a variety of tools to stylize journal entries including different fonts, colors, bullet points and more - it facilitates stunning journal creation. notable features are journal templates, mood tracking, customizable reminders, end-to-end encryption, sync, search capabilities and integrates with other apps using Zapier.


  • Numerous customization options for entries

  • Mood tracking for self-reflection

  • Security with encryption


  • Too many features could overwhelm some users

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2. Daylio Journal - Mood Tracker

Daylio helps you keep a private journal easily by recording your daily moods and activities. Pick moods from predetermined sets and summarize days with colorful icons and tags. Notable features include statistics and charts to analyze moods, habit and goal tracking, reminders, themes/colors, passcode, export options and backups.


  • Simple and quick journaling

  • Good mood and habit analysis

  • Customizable themes and icons


  • Limited custom entry formats

  • No multiple device access

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3. My Diary - Daily Diary Journal

My Diary provides secure journaling through passcode and fingerprint locks. It offers multiple artistic themes and backgrounds, dark mode, and eye protection mode for writing. You can also use stickers and track moods. It additionally provides photo/video entries, Google Drive and Dropbox sync, search with tags, and export options.


  • Secure and private journal

  • Rich visual customization options

  • Health protection modes


  • Less focus on text formatting

  • Sync only with Google or Dropbox

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4. DailyBean: Simplest Journal

DailyBean aims at simplicity by allowing you to record your days with just a few taps. Pick a mood bean to represent your day and select activity icons to summarize what you did. You can optionally add a photo and short note. Useful features include a monthly calendar view of your mood patterns, category blocks to customize visibility, and weekly/monthly statistics.


  • Extremely simple and quick entries

  • Calendar mood patterns

  • Custom categories


  • Very limited formatting capabilities

  • No security features

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5. Penzu

Penzu offers unlimited and free journaling with the option to sync your journals securely via their cloud service. Notable features include various journal cover designs, reminders, password protection, encryption, tagging for organization, PIN lock for the app, offline mode and exporting options.


  • Unlimited journal entries

  • Strong security and privacy

  • Sync and access journals across devices


  • Plain text formatting

  • Free version has ads

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6. Day One Journal: Private Diary

Day One is an award-winning journal app focused strongly on privacy. It provides unlimited journal entries with rich formatting capabilities, automatic backups, passcode/biometric security options, reminders, interactive prompts, maps, and an "On This Day" view to rediscover memories.


  • Powerful security and encryption

  • Unlimited, feature-rich entries

  • Excellent UX and design


  • Advanced features require subscription

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In conclusion, Android users have fantastic options like Journey, Daylio, My Diary, DailyBean, Penzu and Day One to maintain feature-rich, private and secure journals on the go. While they may lack some design polish of iPhone apps, these 6 apps offer all core journaling capabilities from simple logs to fully customized entries, data insights and encryption security to satisfy any Android user’s needs. With much more flexibility in features and free usage compared to iPhone options, these apps deliver the best journaling experiences across Android devices.

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