How to Turn Off Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Discover the step-by-step process to turn off Quiet Mode on Instagram and resume receiving notifications. FAQs clarify common inquiries about Quiet Mode.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Turn Off Quiet Mode on Instagram

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Quiet Mode on Instagram is a function that temporarily withholds all notifications from the app during a selected period, generally when you desire time without distractions or while sleeping. It can greatly aid reducing disruptions so as to improve your focus, especially when centering on crucial jobs or acquiring needed relaxation.

However, there may be occasions where you want to see your Instagram messages once again. This guide will clarify each measure to effortlessly deactivate Quiet Mode so you can start getting Instagram notifications again as usual.

Process for Turning Off the Quiet Mode Setting on Instagram

1. Locate the Instagram application icon on your home screen or app menu. Press on this icon to launch the app.

2. Once the Instagram application has launched, identify the round emblem in the lower right corner featuring your profile image. Choose this symbol.

3. After tapping your profile, look near the top right of the page. You'll see three horizontal lines stacked together. This button opens the app menu. Tap the lines.

4. When the menu opens, find the "Settings and Privacy" option. Press on that.

5. Then scroll through its various options using your finger until you reach the "Notifications" text heading. Touch the "Notifications" text to expand that section.

6. Within the expanded notifications area, you will see "Quiet Mode" listed. Press on the words "Quiet Mode" to enter its dedicated settings screen.

7. This screen will show a toggle button that can be flipped between "on" and "off". Make sure the toggle is all the way to the left side so it is marked as "off".

8. When you do this, a message should pop up at the top of the screen. The message will confirm that quiet mode has been turned off and your notification settings can now be changed.

Turning off Quiet Mode on Instagram is a fast and easy process that takes only a couple of taps. By following the simple steps given here, you can choose to start receiving notifications from the app again anytime you want.

It's good to remember one thing though. While Quiet Mode is helpful to limit distractions, you need to use it in a balanced way. Taking breaks from screens and messages now and then is important. This helps you maintain a good mix of digital and real life experiences.


1. What happens when I turn off Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Your Instagram notifications will start coming through again like usual once you disable Quiet Mode.

2. Will my followers know I disabled Quiet Mode?

No, your followers won't have any way of knowing if you turned Quiet Mode on or off.

3. Can I schedule Quiet Mode?

Yes, you can set Quiet Mode to automatically turn on and off each day during specific hours that work for you.

4. I turned off Quiet Mode but still don't get notifications. What do I do?

Check your phone's Instagram notification settings in case those got turned off. Also, try restarting the Instagram app since that sometimes fixes the issue.

5. How is Quiet Mode different from Do Not Disturb?

Quiet Mode only affects Instagram, while Do Not Disturb mutes all apps on your whole phone. Quiet Mode do not let direct messages on Instagram come through while focusing.

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