How to tell if someone is online on Snapchat?

Discover three discreet methods to check someone's activity on Snapchat: message delivery status, recent story updates, and the Snap Map feature.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to tell if someone is online on Snapchat

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Have you ever wondered if that person you message on Snapchat has been leaving you on read lately? Maybe you've noticed they aren't responding to your snaps like usual. Well, there are some sneaky ways to get an idea if they've been active on the app without outright asking them.

This article is going to tell you about three different methods you can use to secretly check up on someone's Snapchat. First, it will show you how sending a message and seeing its status can give you clues. Also looking at their story may give you hints. And the map feature can tell you when they last logged in if their location is turned on.

Method 1: Check Message Delivery Status

First off, open Snapchat and go to your convo with them. Send over a quick message, maybe just an emoji or something. Then pay attention to what it says next to your message. If it stays as "Delivered", they likely haven't opened it yet. Could be they're busy elsewhere or just aren't on Snap right now.

But if you see "Opened" or "Seen", then for sure they're active and looked at what you sent. You'll know they're hanging out on the app. Sending a message is a subtle method for getting insight into how often someone is active on Snapchat. Just watch the status of your message and you can tell if they've been around lately or probably avoiding things.

Method 2: Check for Recent Stories

Another way to check if they're active is to peek at their Snapchat story. Open up Snapchat and head to the Story section. There you'll see any new stuff posted by people on your friends list or that you follow. If you see a fresh story from that person you're wondering about, it's a good sign they're using Snapchat right now.

Now, it's not a perfect way to tell cause they could've posted something earlier and now be doing other things. Plus not everyone updates their story daily. So it only means for sure they were there recently, not that they're definitely active this very second. But it's another little clue to see if they've been snapping lately!

Method 3: Check the Snap Map

That Snap Map feature is also helpful for checking who's been snapping lately. To access the map feature, first start up the Snapchat application then press the map symbol positioned in the bottom-left region. Then tap the friends button on the bottom to see where your people are on the map.

If the person you want to check has location sharing turned on, it should say the last time they were online under their bitmoji on the map. Check for the miniature time notation displaying when they last accessed Snapchat.

Of course, their location services have to be activated for this to work. And they get to choose who sees their spot, so not a guarantee it'll tell you.

Still, the Snap Map gives you another loose idea of if they were around recently if their settings allow it to be seen. All these little ways can help figure out if someone's been online on Snapchat or not!

Seeing if someone's active on Snapchat or leaving you on read isn't straightforward but involves indirect methods like Checking message delivery, recent stories and their map location. But don't assume much from apps alone. People respond differently - have patience. Respect others’ communication preferences without judgments.

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