10+ Best Google Docs Features You Should Know in 2024

Discover the power of Google Docs with these features. From real-time collaboration to offline access, these tips enhance your document creation.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Google Docs Features You Should Know

Best Google Docs Features You Should Know

Google Docs has rapidly grown to be one of the most widely used online word processors worldwide. With its intuitive interface and powerful collaboration tools, it provides a robust platform for individuals and teams to create documents from any internet-connected device. This article will explore the 10 Best Google Docs Features Every User Should Know, these features make it a top choice for writing, editing, and cooperating on files through an internet browser.

1. Real-Time Collaboration

One of the standout features of Google Docs is the ability for multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. With real-time collaboration, you can see other users' edits appear live as they make changes to the doc. This makes Docs great for team projects, allowing seamless editing and input from various collaborators. The live collaboration means no more emailing drafts back and forth or waiting your turn to edit!

How to:

  • Share the Google Doc with other users by clicking Share > Add people

  • Multiple users can edit the doc simultaneously and see live updates

  • The document auto-saves so no version conflicts

2. Version History and Revisions

Docs keeps close track of every tiny tweak made to your document. You can go back and view previous iterations or compare revisions. Handy if you need to reference an older part or backtrack edits. The robust versioning helps ensure your work stays accurate and consistent as it progresses.

How to:

  • Click File > Version history > See version history

  • Click on any past version to view or restore it

3. Editing on the Go

No need to wait until you're at your computer - the Google Docs app means you can edit on the go from your phone or tablet. Make minor tweaks during your commute or add comments while traveling for work. Any updates sync across devices simultaneously so your work is always up-to-date everywhere.

How to:

  • Install the Google Docs app on your mobile device

  • Open the app and select the doc to view or edit

  • Make changes and they'll sync automatically

4. Add-ons and Extensions

A huge selection of add-ons from Google's marketplace let you take your document's abilities even further. Insert professional diagrams, automated tables of contents, citations, and more without ever leaving Docs. They integrate seamlessly for an enhanced workflow.

How to:

  • Click Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons in Docs

  • Browse add-ons and click Install to add them

  • Use the new functions in the Add-ons menu

5. Comments and Suggestions


Google Docs makes collaborating on documents easy with its comment feature. You can select any part of the document and leave a comment or query for other collaborators. This enables discussions directly within the doc next to the relevant part rather than having disjointed conversations over email. Comments allow you to easily resolve questions and finalize the document as a team.

How to:

  • Highlight text and right click & select Comment in the toolbar

  • Type your comment and click Comment

  • Others can reply directly to the comment thread

6. Templates

Google provides a variety of pre-made templates for consistency. Choose from report templates, presentations, newsletters, resumes, and numerous other options to get started quickly. You can use these customizable templates as a starting point when creating new documents for consistent formatting.

How to:

  • Open Google Docs and click Template gallery

  • Browse template categories and select one

  • Click Use this template to create a new doc

7. Offline Access

Google Docs allows you to keep working even without an internet connection. You can add, edit, comment on, and collaborate on documents while offline. All changes will sync automatically when you reconnect online, so you don't have to stop working just because you don't have internet. This is great for planes, tunnels, remote areas, or other offline situations.

How to:

  • In Google Docs, click File > Make available offline

  • Edit the doc offline and changes save

  • When back online, changes sync automatically

8. Word Count

Google Docs displays the word count and page count for documents. This thing help you refine the document for your intended audience and check if it meets length requirements.

How to:

  • Click Tools > Word count

  • See number of pages and words

9. Dictation

Using Google Docs' voice typing feature, you can dictate text instead of typing. This may help some users get thoughts down faster. Voice typing can be a productivity booster for anyone who finds it faster or more convenient than typing manually.

How to:

  • Click Tools > Voice typing

  • Allow microphone access

  • Speak text and it types as you go

  • Say punctuation to insert it

10. Accessibility

Google Docs contains built-in accessibility features to make documents usable for all. These include screen reader support, braille input and output, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The accessibility options enable those with visual, motor, or other impairments to successfully read and interact with documents.

How to:

  • Click Tools > Accessibility settings

  • Adjust options like font size, color contrast, braille support, and more

  • Use keyboard shortcuts for accessibility


Google Docs offers some really useful capabilities that boost productivity, collaboration, and accessibility. Whether you're an individual or business team, the ability to work on docs in real-time, loads of extra add-ons, robust editing options, and more make Docs a great choice. Check out these key features to get the most out of Google Docs and simplify how you create and share documents with others. What are your favorite Google Docs tricks or tips? Let me know in the comments below!

FAQs - Google Docs Features

How do I create a new Google Doc and share it with others?

To create a new Google Doc, open Google Docs and click the + in the top left. Give the document a name and click OK. To share it, click the Share button in the top right and enter the emails of people you want to collaborate with. You can give edit or view-only access.

Is Google Docs free to use? Are there any premium features?

Yes, Google Docs is completely free to use for all users with a Google account. There are no premium features or pricing tiers. All capabilities like collaboration, version history, etc. are included free. Google Workspace paid plans add additional admin controls for businesses.

Can I access Google Docs offline?

Yes, Google Docs allows offline access. Click File > Make available offline, to enable offline mode. You can then continue viewing and editing docs without internet access. Changes will sync when you reconnect online.

How can I format my text, add images, and create tables in Google Docs?

The formatting toolbar in Docs lets you customize text, insert images and tables, and more. Select text and use the toolbar to bold, italicize, change font style and size. Click Insert > Image or Insert > Table to add visual elements.

How do I track changes made by others in my document and revert to previous versions?

Click File > Version history to see a timeline of all changes with revision history. Click any past version to view or restore it.

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