Best free AI apps for iPhone in 2023

Unleash the power of AI with these must-have iPhone apps for enhanced productivity, creativity, and fun.

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Best free AI apps for iPhone

Best free AI apps for iPhone

As artificial intelligence advances, more and more useful AI-powered apps are launching for iPhone. With so many options now available, it can be hard to determine which are really worth downloading and trying out. This article will highlight some of the top free iPhone apps that leverage AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and fun. From voice assistants to document scanners to photo editors, these intelligent apps aim to make your iPhone experience smoother, easier, and more enjoyable. Read on for reviews of the key features, pros, and cons of the top AI app contenders to evaluate which ones suit your needs and interests.

1. Bing - AI-Powered Search

Microsoft's Bing search engine app aims to deliver more conversational, contextual search results using AI. It understands natural language queries and provides answers tailored specifically to them. Ask Bing hands-free questions, have discussions, and see where it shines compared to traditional search. Bing also enables visual search through your iPhone camera. The AI enhancements aim to change how you search on mobile.


  • Conversational interface with AI

  • Gives contextual answers to questions

  • Visual search capabilities


  • Lacks maturity and accuracy of competitors

  • Frequent irrelevant results

  • iOS app less robust than web experience

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2. Google Assistant - Conversational Search and Task Automation

Like Siri, Google Assistant offers a natural language interface to get things done on your iPhone using voice commands. Ask it questions and watch as it provides tailored answers by scouring the web. Say "Ok Google" to activate it hands-free. Google Assistant goes beyond information lookup to help automate tasks too. Use it to set timers and reminders, dictate texts and emails, control smart home devices, find nearby businesses, translate languages, and more.


  • Accurate voice recognition and transcription

  • Contextual conversations with intelligent responses

  • Ability to control smart home devices


  • Can drain iPhone battery life

  • Constant data collection raises privacy concerns

  • iOS integration lags behind Android

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3. SwiftKey - AI Keyboard

SwiftKey's artificially intelligent keyboard learns your unique writing style to predict the next word you intend to type with scary accuracy. It pays attention to your syntax, word choices, slang, and frequently used phrases to offer better auto-complete suggestions. This allows you to draft texts, emails, and documents much faster on your iPhone. SwiftKey also offers autocorrect, emoji predictions, customizable themes, and 600+ languages.


  • Next-word predictions make typing faster

  • Learns your writing style over time

  • Customizable keyboard themes


  • Takes time to learn your writing style

  • Limited emoji and sticker options

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4. Grammarly - AI Writing Assistant

Grammarly leverages AI to proofread your writing on an iPhone and suggest grammar improvements. It catches tricky grammatical mistakes, misspellings, punctuation errors, and other issues in real-time as you type. Beyond grammar, Grammarly offers vocabulary enhancement ideas to communicate more clearly. An integrated plagiarism checker keeps your writing original. Use Grammarly to level up reports, essays, emails, texts, and any other writing.


  • Catches grammar, spelling, punctuation issues

  • Gives vocabulary and style improvement suggestions


  • Sometimes offers unnecessary or incorrect changes

  • Premium subscription is expensive

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5. Otter - Automatic Voice Transcription

Touted as a "note-taking assistant", Otter uses advanced AI to generate transcripts from real-life conversations, interviews, lectures, meetings, and more in real-time. You can view synchronized transcripts, search for keywords, play back audio, and share files. Otter's machine learning is continuously improving to handle accents, technical terms, side conversations, and noisy environments. It's great for collaboration.


  • Real-time voice transcriptions of conversations

  • Easy playback and sharing of audio recordings

  • Syncs transcriptions across devices


  • Transcription errors are common

  • Recordings locked behind password protection

  • Free version has limits on recordings

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6. FaceApp - Fun Photo Effects

FaceApp applies powerful AI image processing filters to transform your selfies and portraits. The artistic, dramatic, and often humorous effects include changing hair color and style, making someone smile, altering age to look young or old, switching gender, and more. FaceApp's AI generates photorealistic results for sharing on social media. Have fun experimenting with different looks on yourself, friends, and family.


  • Fun transformations of selfies with AI filters

  • Realistic looking results

  • Simple and easy to use interface


  • Raises privacy concerns over data

  • Need steady hand for good facial scans

  • Heavily focused on modifying faces only

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7. Voice Dream Reader - Text-to-Speech

Voice Dream Reader converts any document, article, book, or webpage into an audio experience using natural sounding AI-generated narration. It's perfect for multitasking - listen to blogs, news, novels, and more while commuting, exercising, cooking, etc. Voice Dream Reader offers playback options like speed control and highlighted text syncing. It can also translate text into many languages.


  • Text-to-speech for articles, books, docs

  • Natural sounding narration

  • Customizable narration speed


  • Robot-sounding default voice

  • Paid subscriptions add up over time

  • Translations can be inaccurate

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8. CamScanner - AI-Powered Document Scanning

CamScanner utilizes AI to snap images of documents and enhance them into crystal clear, readable scans as PDFs or JPEGs. The AI auto-crops, sharpens blurred text, fixes perspective, removes shadows, and enhances images. Scans are optimized for compact file sizes easy to store, search, share and sync across devices. CamScanner provides tools to annotate PDFs also. It's great for digitizing paperwork, receipts, fliers, notes, and more.


  • Scans documents and renders them clearly as PDFs

  • Tools to annotate, sign, fill out PDFs

  • Auto-cropping and image enhancement


  • Struggles with glares, shadows, folds in documents

  • Registration required to use main features

  • Subscription needed for advanced tools

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9. Socratic - Math & Science Tutor

Socratic leverages AI to act as a personal tutor app for math, science, history and more. Just point your iPhone's camera at a homework question, and Socratic provides step-by-step video explanations to help you learn concepts. It breaks problems down into understandable chunks, offering hints if you get stuck. Socratic can explain solutions for a variety of textbooks, questions, subjects, and grade levels.


  • Step-by-step homework explanations

  • Covers many school subjects and grade levels

  • Visual style ideal for learning


  • Limited to explaining textbook problems only

  • Can't hear full problem walked through

  • Focused mostly on math and science

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10. Unfold - AI-Assisted Instagram Stories Creator

Unfold provides templates and easy editing tools to create visually stunning Instagram Stories, reels, and posts for social media. Its AI features can automatically apply fonts, colors, and design elements that aesthetically fit together. Unfold includes thousands of custom layouts for inspiration. Add text, adjust layouts, and the AI does the rest!


  • Templates for easy Instagram Stories

  • AI assists with fonts and designs

  • Inspiration for social media


  • Focused on social media only

  • Requires subscription

  • Less creative control

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The latest artificial intelligence capabilities are providing iPhone users with more effective, convenient, and entertaining apps. As this review demonstrates, AI apps can now assist with communication, learning, task automation, creativity, and much more. While no app is perfect, finding the right balance of features, capabilities, and limitations for your needs leads to a more useful iPhone experience. With the standout options covered here, you can discover some intelligent apps to boost productivity and fun in your daily life. Download a few and see which AI companions you can’t live without on your iPhone.

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