Best Bike Racing Games for iPhone and iPad

Thrill your senses with these best bike racing games.

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best bike racing games for iPhone

Best bike racing games for iPhone and iPad

Looking for an adventurous bike racing game to play on your iPhone? You must be a pro rider, then! Playing some bike racing games on the iPhone is pure entertainment as they offer realistic graphics and realistic riding experiences. the iOS App Store contains many bike racing games that you can play and have fun tilting for an adventurous gameplay experience. I’ve found the five best bike racing games you can play today on your iOS device. 

1. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider game iPhone

This is an endless racing game that will have you riding your bike until you reach your inner thrust. A lifelike riding experience coupled with realistic bike riding sounds, Traffic Rider takes the gameplay to a whole new level.  But there are obstacles on your way like heavy traffic, missions that you need to complete, and driving on the wrong side to make it a challenging and fun experience. Currently, you can choose from more than 30 motorcycles, receive 90+ missions, and play through the game in first-person view. 

Drive as fast as you can and you’ll be scoring points and unlocking more stuff in the career mode. 

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2. Bike Race: Racing Game 2018

Bike Race: Racing Game 2018

This is not just an ordinary bike racing game. Bike Race gameplay works based on physics. The game features different types of sports bikes such as dirt bikes, pure racing bikes, and heavy motorcycles. The gameplay revolves around driving your bike across rocky and hazardous terrains. You must keep a perfect balance while keeping pace without falling off your bike or failing to do stunts. 

The more precise you get at riding your bike on those rough surfaces, the better you get and unlock more levels and rewards for your efforts. What’s more interesting is its multiplayer mode. You can compete with other players to see who can complete each level the quickest.

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3. Highway Rider

Highway Rider

As the name suggests, this game is about riding and racing your motorcycle on the busiest highways. There are cars, trucks, and other vehicles speeding along the tracks and all you need to do is make sure you don’t get hit by any of them. But you can only score more points if you pass through the narrowest gaps between vehicles on the road.

And what’s even more interesting is this feature - if you get hit by a car, truck, or road barriers, you are thrown far onto the road, which can be captured on camera.

The gameplay feels very realistic, the roads seem quite real and the graphics are super clear, giving you a feel for real-life bike riding experience.

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4. SBK15 - Official Mobile Game

SBK15 - Official Mobile Game

Now, this comes an authentic sports bike racing game. The game features realistic bikes from the top brands across the world. Be it Aprilia, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, or any other else, this game has them all! SBK15 comes with multiple tracks, riders, several game modes, and various groups and teams, which allow you to customize the game to meet your needs.

Moreover, the game features different configurations, such as virtual controls and gyroscopes that truly add value to the gameplay. However, the most interesting part of the game lies championships. Taking part in different championships will make you keep coming back to the game time and time again.

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5. Highway Bike Traffic Racer 3D

Highway Bike Traffic Racer 3D

This game has the highest quality realistic graphics and a rewarding gameplay experience. Highway Bike Traffic Racer has a lot of real-life tracks on which you can ride your bike, do stunts, and have a real riding sensation.

You can choose from more than twenty different kinds of bikes, and there are over 100 missions to get thrills and police chase mode, plus several environments to customize your experience.

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Download these bike racing games on your device and let the race begin! These games are designed to produce real thrill, introducing 3D and realistic graphics, bikes, tracks, and gameplay that mimic the experience of riding a bike in real life. Racing games are always way more exciting than other genres, and you'll be riding some of the best bikes on some of the coolest racing and riding tracks in the world. 


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