How to Watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro [2 Methods]

Learn how to watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro using Juno for an optimized experience or Safari for free web access. Compare the two options.

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How to Watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro

How to Watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro

Apple's newly launched Vision Pro headset has been met with excitement, offering an immersive augmented and virtual reality experience. However, one of the biggest downsides for users so far is the lack of an official YouTube app at launch. Until YouTube releases an app optimized for Vision Pro, there are two main methods you can use to access YouTube - a third-party app called Juno, and the Safari browser. Here's an in-depth look at both options to help you watch YouTube on the Vision Pro now.

2 Options to Use YouTube in the Vision Pro

Option 1: Watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro using Juno for YouTube App

Juno is currently the best third-party YouTube app available for the Vision Pro headset. It provides an optimized viewing experience with features tailored specifically for Vision Pro:

Benefits of Juno

  • Intuitive interface and controls designed for Vision Pro

  • Supports native gestures like pinch to zoom

  • Maintains videos in their proper aspect ratio

  • Allows resizing and repositioning of video windows

  • Option to dim content around the video window

The biggest advantage of Juno is providing a YouTube app designed for the Vision Pro experience. It makes watching YouTube videos feel natural with full support for Vision Pro's augmented and virtual reality features.

Drawbacks of Juno

  • $4.99 cost to purchase the app

  • As a third-party app, it may face potential limitations compared to an official YouTube app

While Juno delivers the best YouTube experience currently available, its status as a paid third-party app introduces some risks around updates and long-term viability. But it's still the optimal choice for now.

Option 2: Watch YouTube on Apple Vision Pro using Safari Browser

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The Safari browser on Vision Pro allows you to freely access the YouTube website. While you'll miss out on some features, it's a reliable method to watch YouTube at no cost.

Benefits of Safari

  • Completely free access

  • Easy to navigate to YouTube web and start watching videos

  • Works with Vision Pro right out of the box

Drawbacks of Safari

  • Lacks native app experience and controls

  • No offline viewing capability

  • Interface and navigation not as intuitive as an app

Safari is a quick and easy option for free YouTube viewing on Vision Pro. But the experience reflects the limitations of watching YouTube in a browser rather than a dedicated app.

Comparison of the Two Options

When weighing Juno vs. Safari for watching YouTube on Vision Pro, consider these key factors:

  • Paid app vs. free web access - Juno costs $4.99 while Safari is free

  • Optimized experience vs. basic functionality - Juno is designed for Vision Pro with enhanced features, Safari offers bare bones YouTube access

  • Reliability risks - Juno may face updates or support issues as a third-party app in the long run

For the best experience, Juno is worth the $4.99 investment. But Safari can get the job done for free if needed.


It's unfortunate that one of the most used video platforms is not natively available on the Vision Pro yet. But by using Juno for YouTube or accessing YouTube via Safari in the interim, you can still enjoy YouTube's massive library of videos. Give both methods a try to see which provides the best YouTube experience based on your preferences. And hopefully, an official YouTube app will land on Vision Pro soon to provide the ideal viewing option.

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