Vietnam Imposes ban on Netflix publishing and advertising games on platform

Netflix has been given time till the 25th of April to comply with the Vietnam government's directive and take down their video games section from the nation's IOS and Android stores.

By Raunak Bose
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Netflix's gaming section banned in Vietnam

Netflix's gaming section banned in Vietnam

Digital streaming platform Netflix has suffered a telling blow in their operations in Vietnam after the country's government issued an order directing them to stop advertising and publishing games on their platform. The Vietnamese government has given the United States-based streaming giant a timeline of April 25, by which they are to discontinue their gaming section. 

According to Vietnam's Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, Netflix does not have the required gaming license to cater video games in the country and has therefore been blacklisted. The Southeast Asian nation has strict rules regarding video games and allows only domestically incorporated and registered companies to provide video games. 

Netflix Lacks Required License to Offer Video Game Services in Vietnam

Netflix launched their gaming section in November 2021, intending to provide subscribers with an additional experience of games on the Android and IOS platforms. The streaming platform currently contains over 80 games including popular ones such as GTA: San Andreas and GTA Vice City. Along with these popular games, Netflix also has games adapted from world-famous television series like Stranger Things 3: The Game and Money Heist: Ultimate Choice. 

Netflix (via BGR)
Netflix (via BGR)

While Netflix has seen decent growth in their gaming section, the Vietnamese government has demanded that it comply with the country's rules and regulations regarding online games. "Vietnam demands Netflix comply with the Vietnamese regulations on game online. We order Netflix to stop advertising and publishing Netflix's video games on the Netflix application and on Appstore Vietnam and Google Play Store Vietnam before April 25," the statement issued by the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (ABEI) said. 

Netflix has had to walk a tightrope in Vietnam several times due to its stringent rules in the past. Vietnam had previously directed the platform to ban the streaming of the popular Hollywood film, Barbie and the Chinese-produced drama series Flight to You.

Nevertheless, the US streaming giants have been desperate to make an impact in the country for quite some time, and have actively mulled the prospect of opening their first office. The latest block might have some impact on that consideration, as Netflix would now need to find solutions for the licensing issue, to continue their gaming section in Vietnam. 

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