TikTok users voice grave concern as the US house ponders banning app

US TikTok users fear ban amid Senate bill and responded with death threats against lawmakers, highlighting the platform's influence and privacy concerns.

By Raunak Bose
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TikTok Users Voice Grave Concern as the US ponders banning app

TikTok Users Voice Grave Concern as the US ponders banning app

TikTok users in the United States have started voicing their concerns over the application potentially getting banned in the coming days. The fears have risen considerably over the past couple of weeks after the US House of Representatives passed a historic bill.

If passed as a law, the bill would be fatal for TikTok users in the country amidst strained US-China relations. TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance will have about six months to sell their majority controlling share if they wish to continue operations in the States. 

North Carolina Senator Receives Life-Threatening Phone Calls in Support of TikTok

North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis
North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis (Image via Getty Images)

The bill is currently with the Senate for their approval, and TikTok fans have taken that opportunity to pitch their support for the social media platform. The vociferous support from amongst the 170 million user base has come in the form of messages and calls. North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis let out information regarding how brutal some of the fans were.

"OK, listen, if you ban TikTok I will find you and shoot you," said one fan in a call directed at Tillis' office. Another fan followed suit in the sense that he too wanted to end Tillis' life, and said, “I’ll shoot you and find you and cut you into pieces.” As many as 1000 such calls have already been made to Tillis' office, with a few life-threatening ones reported to the police.  

This sentiment amongst the US TikTok users is in stark contrast to that of the United States government, who want to protect their citizens' data falling into the hands of the Chinese government. TikTok however, has tried its best to reassure users of their data privacy and seems to have swayed the public in its favor. 

Thom Tillis too is fascinated at how easily the Chinese-owned social media platform has influenced the youngsters in the country. “What I hated about that was it demonstrates the enormous influence social media platforms have on young people,” said Tillis in an interview, as reported by Fortune

United States President, Joe Biden has already expressed his inclination to sign the bill and pass it as a law if it comes down to him through the Senate. TikTok therefore have furthered its publicity even on the app, with reassuring messages for its users in the hope that this extensive campaign can help the platform survive in the States without having to change ownership. 

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