TikTok introduces new incentive program to incentivize longer videos

TikTok overhauls Creator Fund, prioritizing longer, engaging content. Eligibility, key focus areas, and enhanced analytics empower creators for success.

By Abhishek Chandel
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TikTok Creators Can Now Earn More for Videos Over One Minute

New Creator Rewards Program (Image via TechFirstNow)

TikTok revamped its Creator Fund, now rewarding creators for posting engaging videos over 1 minute with potentially massive payout increases. In an effort to incentivize high-quality, original content, TikTok is overhauling how it calculates and distributes earnings to eligible creators. The changes aim to favour video length and watch time over quick clips.

TikTok New Creator Rewards Program Details and Eligibility

To participate in TikTok's Creator Rewards Program and get a cut of the revenue, you need to:

  • Must be age 18+

  • Account must have minimum 10k followers

  • Videos must get 100k+ views within 30 days

  • Adhere to TikTok policies and rules

The thresholds aim to reward professionals able to attract sizable viewership while excluding accounts that haven't proven staying power or don't make meaningful contributions to the platform's culture.

TikTok is focusing its rewards on 4 key things that really engage and value audiences:

1. Original Content: They want to see creators bringing unique, inventive ideas to the platform. Videos that feel fresh and creative will have an edge.

2. Length Matters: Total watch time and how much of each video people actually finish really counts now. Well-paced, entertaining videos keep folks watching longer.

3. Trending Topics: Creators discussing popular search terms and trending hashtags will see a bonus. Make content around what's buzzing.

4. Engagement: Likes, comments, shares - how actively people interact is weighed. Videos people truly connect with will earn more points.

According to TikTok, the Top creators may now make earnings 20X higher than prior levels through TikTok's new revenue system. This rewards those investing serious time and effort into producing hit videos people actually want to watch all the way through from start to end.

Enhanced Analytics and Video Intelligence

As the above image shows the new creator program features a new internal app dashboard. With this creators gain access to comprehensive analytics and reports. 

This includes:

  • Insights into revenue per million qualified video views (RPM)

  • Breakdowns of how individual videos performed

  • Trends over time so you can compare videos

  • Clear records of all past payouts

TikTok is giving creators powerful new tools to analyze video performance. The updated dashboard provides insights into which videos generated the most engagement and why. Creators can also examine viewing trends over time to identify patterns. This data-driven guidance aims to help creators boost views and earnings.

To promote diverse creativity, TikTok launched new educational resources. An expanded Creator Academy offers comprehensive courses online in multiple languages. Creators can learn storytelling skills and audience-building strategies.

TikTok also refreshed the Creator Newsletter and TikTok University with ongoing training. Workshops and networking offer support at all stages. Lowering barriers especially helps underrepresented groups showcase their talents.

As TikTok continues evolving to meet shifting consumer demands, investing in creative talent through fair compensation and learning resources will be pivotal. If the platform sustains an environment where top performers feel supported, the new revenue system's focus on watch time, trends and engagement could cement TikTok as the global leader in premium short-form entertainment.

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