How to schedule a text on your iPhone?

iOS allows users to send out messages in advance to enhance the hassle-free messaging on your iPhone and stay on top of your tasks before they become due,

By Mukul Dutt
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How do you Schedule texts on your iPhone

iMessage in iOS (Image via Apple)

With new iPhones coming out every year, the number of features it has to offer grows faster than people realize. Some of these features are embarrassing to not know exist, but other features are actually useful.

Some users use their smartphones to run their businesses and one feature they keenly look for in their device is Scheduling texts. This feature is available on iPhone however, there is a certain way to execute it successfully.

Scheduling Texts on Your iPhone: Simple Steps

Let's go through the process of scheduling a text on your iPhone with ease.

1. Firstly, users have to open the Shortcuts app.

Shortcuts app in an Iphone

2. After opening the Shortcuts app, move over to the Automation tab at the bottom of your screen.

Shortcuts app in an Iphone

3. Tap on the '+' button at the top right corner of the screen to create a new Automation.

4. Set the 'Time of Day' that you wish to schedule your message.

  • Daily: Your message will be sent daily.
  • Weekly: Messages will go out every week.
  • Monthly: Message will go out on the set date of Every month.

Shortcuts app in an Iphone

5. After selecting the relevant option. click on 'Next' and then 'Add Action'.

6. Now, Select a contact from the 'Send Message' section and proceed by clicking 'Next.'

Shortcuts app in an Iphone

7. After selecting the contacts, users have to compose and input the desired message in the field and click "Next" when finished.

8. Review the details. If satisfied, click "Done." Opt to have the scheduled message prompt before sending or set it to run automatically.

9. Finalize the process by clicking "Done." Your message is now scheduled.

Note: To stop scheduled messages to a specific recipient, disable the Automation in the Shortcut app.

The Shortcut app allows you to control the timing of your messages with efficiency. And its user-friendly controls for flexible scheduling options make it a powerful tool for tailored communication. Now that you've got the basics, make the most of this feature and send the Shortcut app fake messages for daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual messages.

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