Which Apple services are worth paying for?

Explore the pros and cons of various Apple services to determine which subscriptions align with your lifestyle and preferences. Find out which ones offer genuine value.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Which Apple Services Are Worth Paying For

Which Apple Services Are Worth Paying For

These days, Apple offers way more than just hardware - they've got a whole suite of subscription services trying to tap into your monthly budget. From streaming tunes to catching the latest shows; backing up data to breaking a sweat, there's an Apple sub for seemingly every need. But are they all worth shelling out cold hard cash for month after month? So in this article, we'll discuss which Apple services are worth paying for!

1. Apple Music

For any music junkie, Apple Music is the clear winner here. Their massive library covers basically every genre and artist you can think of, with awesome curation and playlists to discover new sounds too. Best of all, you get gloriously ad-free listening across all your Apple devices in crisp quality. And unlike some rivals, Apple Music pays artists fairly for streams.


Verdict: Highly Recommended for Regular Music Consumers.

2. iCloud Storage

Can't decide if having all your photos, documents, and app data wirelessly backed up to iCloud for easy access is worth the recurring cost? For sheer peace of mind, being able to retrieve your stuff anytime from any device is super clutch. But let's be real - it ain't cheap, especially if you need major gigs of storage. The ability to share a storage plan with family helps cut costs.


Verdict: A Reasonable Option for Those Prioritizing Convenience Over Cost-Effectiveness.

3. Apple Arcade

As a long-time gamer, I was stoked for an all-you-can-play buffet of premium mobile games with no ads or in-app purchases to bug me. But pretty quickly, I realized Apple Arcade's current lineup is...well, kinda lacking, both in quality and variety. Most of the titles are fun for a fleeting distraction but lack staying power.


Verdict: Not Recommended Unless Specific Games Are of Interest.

4. Apple TV+

In the cut-throat world of streaming services, Apple TV+ absolutely brings it with original shows and movies fit for the big screen. From hoity-toity Oscar contenders to beloved sitcoms, the production value and star power are outstanding. The library is still pretty small compared to the heavy hitters. But it's steadily growing, and the ability to live-stream Apple events is a nice perk for the tech-obsessed.


Verdict: A Worthwhile Investment for Consumers Seeking Premium Content.

5. Fitness+

Let's be honest - Fitness+ flatters itself by having "Fitness" in the name. Because holy moly, these workout routines from world-class trainers across all disciplines will absolutely crush you (in a good way). And the on-screen metric integration with Apple Watch is wildly motivating. That said, the steep subscription cost is pretty tough to swallow when so many free fitness apps and YouTube videos exist.


Verdict: If you can budget it in, the experience truly is unmatched. But it's far from a necessity.

6. News+

Tired of aimlessly browsing through endless news sites and paywalls? News+ gives you slick, ad-free access to tons of magazines and top newspapers in one convenient app. Very nice! However, unless you're a hardcore news fanatic already paying for multiple subscriptions, paying extra just for this service is kind of niche. Most folks can get by perfectly fine with free news from trusted outlets.


Verdict: Best Suited for Avid Readers Seeking a Consolidated News Experience.

At the end of the day, there's no one-size-fits-all answer for which Apple services are "must-haves." It really depends on what you get the most utility and enjoyment out of. Music and TV streaming seem like no-brainers for a lot of folks. But some like Arcade and News+ only really make sense for a narrow subset of diehard users.

Do an honest audit of how you'd actually use each service. If it legitimately enhances your lifestyle in a meaningful way, then by all means, subscribe! But don't just pay for them out of obligation or because you've drunk too much Apple-ade. There's no shame in being a frugal, selective subscriber.

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