Mark Cuban highlights role in fixing 'Shark Tank Keto' scam with tech giant Google

According to the "shark" from Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, there are a lot of technological problems that do not have an easy fix even in this day and age.

By Raunak Bose
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Mark Cuban in Lex Fridman Podcast

Mark Cuban in Lex Fridman Podcast

American businessman and popular television show, Shark Tank USA judge, Mark Cuban made an eye-opening statement while appearing on Lex Friedman's podcast. The 65-year-old claimed that certain technological errors are hard to fix and that he intensively worked with tech giant Google to cover up a scam involving a product called Shark Tank Keto Gummies. 

The Shark Tank Keto Gummies scam had gained significant momentum on the internet as scammers positioned keto gummies as a health supplement that helps reduce weight. Not only did it publish false information about its efficiency, but it also claimed to have received the approval of the sharks from the popular US television show Shark Tank, and the fact that they had approved the product. 

However, in reality, such a product had never been broadcast on Shark Tank, but people still fell for it due to several sponsored scam advertisements running on Google. When the keyword, "Shark Tank Keto" was typed into the Google search engine, as many as 22 sponsored and non-sponsored results came up. 

Mark Cuban worked with Google to find a fix for the Shark Tank Keto Gummies Scam

During Mark Cuban's interaction with Lex Friedman, the former revealed how he worked with Google to fix this error and clear their name from such a viral ongoing scam. Cuban claimed that he would get numerous emails from elderly people who asked him about the gummies' efficiency and that they ended up paying a monthly subscription fee for the product even after cancelling it.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban Co-owner of 2929 Entertainment as well as Minority owner of Dallas Mavericks (via NBC News) 

"Up until a month ago maybe, if you put in Shark Tank Keto Gummies into Google, it would show up with scam ads. Scam ad after scam ad, and I would get e-mails up until a month ago from elderly people asking me why the gummies weren't working and why the companies were charging all this money on a month-by-month basis when they tried to cancel. They said it was the No.1 deal on Shark Tank of all time- an all-Shark deal. It was a mistake," Mark Cuban started on the topic of the Shark tank keto Gummies scam. 

Cuban questioned why Google's team failed to fix a major mix-up, even though the fraudulent ad campaigns had continued to run for weeks. He finally revealed that he collaborated with Google to find the root cause of the problem after spending long hours with the team. Eventually, he concluded his argument by claiming that 

"Why didn't Google fix it? It just didn't happen once, over one week over two weeks because it was hard to fix. As it turns out, I was working with them to try to find a fix and we would both look at the same page and if you're inside of Google in the domain, it would show one page. If you're outside of Google, it would show another and it took us looking at it the same time for anybody to realise it meaning that there are a lot of technology problems that are hard to fix," Cuban finished off. 

According to a blog post by Check My Ads, Google knew about the problem and even acknowledged that they were trying to address these advertisement scams. However, it seems in the end it needed the intermediation of veteran American business tycoon, Mark Cuban to finally solve this problem. 

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