Elon Musk announces launch of highly anticipated Grok-1.5 chatbot

The Grok-1.5 version possesses improved reasoning and a context length of 128,000 tokens. However, this version still falls short of ChatGpt-4 and Google's Gemini Pro 1.5.

By Raunak Bose
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Elon Musk Announces Highly Anticipated Launch of Grok-1.5 Chatbot Next Week

Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts have a lot to rejoice in the coming days, especially after billionaire Elon Musk announced the launch of his Grok-1.5 Chatbot in the first week of April. The 52-year-old Chief Technical Officer of XCorp took to his X account on 29th March to announce the launch of the newest version of the Grok chatbot. 

The latest version of Grok's AI chatbot is a considerable upgrade from the first version. Musk was also involved in creating Microsoft-owned OpenAI in 2015 and now has launched his own Artificial Intelligence organisation called xAI in July 2023. He integrated it with the social media platform X, and since then has made rapid strides in his bid to compete with OpenAI. 

Elon Musk talks about Grok-2 even before the official launch of Grok-1.5 

Soon after the announcement of the launch of the Grok-1.5 version, Musk also laid the foundation for yet another upgrade by claiming that Grok-2 is already in training and that it would exceed the current levels of AI on all fronts. Announcing the launch of the Grok-1.5 version, Elon Musk wrote on X"Should be available on 𝕏 next week. Grok 2 should exceed current AI on all metrics. In training now."

Grok AI Benchmark
Grok AI Benchmark 

The Grok-1.5 version will continue to be available for the early testers and X premium+ consumers, meaning that the users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $16. However, the latest AI chatbot version will most certainly be a value for money for the users, as it is all set to change the social media dynamics.

The latest version sees the inclusion of generative AI and it comes with improved reasoning alongside a context length of 128,000 tokens. According to the analysis studies revealed by the xAI firm,

“Grok-1.5 achieved a 50.6% score on the MATH benchmark and a 90% score on the GSM8K benchmark, two math benchmarks covering a wide range of grade school to high school competition problems. Additionally, it scored 74.1% on the HumanEval benchmark, which evaluates code generation and problem-solving abilities.Grok-1.5 is built on a custom distributed training framework based on JAX, Rust, and Kubernetes. This training stack enables our team to prototype ideas and train new architectures at scale with minimal effort.”

Although Grok-1.5 showed a steady improvement over Grok-1 in terms of all the benchmarks, it is crucial to note that this version still falls short of the benchmark scores obtained by Google's Gemini Pro 1.5 and OpenAI's ChatGpt 4. 

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