What Does Restricting Someone on Instagram Do?

Instagram's "Restrict" feature helps users in many ways that one can imagine by preventing unwanted people and helping in fostering a positive community online.

By Abhishek Chandel
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What Does Restricting Someone on Instagram Do

Restricting on Instagram (Image via TechFirstNow)

Instagram introduced the "Restrict" option way back in 2019 to help tackle negativity and increase inclusion on the platform. As more people spend time online, dealing with haters and bullies has become a real issue. Restrictions are meant to give folks a way to tone down problematic accounts without fully cutting them off.

Instead of just blocking or ignoring troublemakers, it offers a middle path. But how does restricting someone actually work compared to blocking? What makes it different? That's what going to break down. We'll look at how it impacts comments, DMs, activity views, and more.

What Does Restricting Someone on Instagram Do?

1. Comments from Restricted Accounts

The big thing restricting someone does is hide any comments they leave on your posts from other people. So if a restricted person comments, only you and them can see it at first. Their message won't show up in the regular comments section under your picture where everyone can view it.

If you want to see what a restricted user commented, you'll have to do a couple of extra taps. First, hit the “View Comments” button below the post. Then when those comments pop up, look for the restricted person and tap “See Comment” next to their name. That'll reveal what they said for your eyes only.

Once you've read it, then you've got options. You can simply approve it so others can see it too. Or if it's something you don't want up, easily delete it right from there. This helps cut down on restricted people possibly messing with conversations or leaving unwanted comments. But it also lets you still engage with them privately or remove the comment if needed.

2. Messages from Restricted Accounts

When you restrict someone, any DMs they send you won't show up like normal in your main Instagram inbox. Instead, restricted user messages will get transferred to a separate folder in your DM named "Requests". You also won't get notifications about new ones, so you can check them whenever you want.

Other than that, as read receipts are turned off the restricted people won't be able to see if you've read their message. This helps block annoying or unwanted accounts from knowing if you've seen their texts. The only way to reply is to un-restrict them first, letting you control the interaction.

It puts restricted peeps' messages on ice until you're ready to check them, rather than having them blowing up your notifications.

3. Visibility and Activity Status

The last main thing restricting someone does is make it so they can't see certain info about your account activity. In case you've got your Show Activity Status setting enabled on Instagram then the restricted users won't be able to see when was the last time you used the platform.

They also can't see if you're online scrolling right this very second. All they'll know is that you're out there somewhere. But they won't be able to stalk exactly when you're active on the platform.

Not being able to see your activity status gives your account a little more privacy from the restricted individual. It helps avoid any unwanted attention or run-ins with them while keeping your profile behaviour more lowkey.

Benefits of Restricting vs. Blocking

Restricting is like a middle ground between doing nothing and full-on blocking someone. That gives it some perks:

1. Maintain Partial Visibility

By restricting instead of blocking, you can still peek at what they say and post if you need to. This lets you monitor for potential hassle without cutting off access entirely.

2. Limit Interactions Without a Full Block

It reduces unwanted comments and DMs without totally cancelling the account. Restricting sets clearer boundaries than doing nothing.

3. Foster a Positive Community

This feature aims to make Instagram a nicer place by giving people options beyond just putting up with toxic behaviour or completely blocking communication. Restricting encourages more positive discussions in some cases.

In the end, taking the time to learn about restriction can really help you shape IG into a nicer space. Whether you've got haters hassling you or just want more control overall, this tool provides a balanced way to tone stuff down without fully cutting people off.

As social media keeps evolving, having options like this will be crucial for helping people curate their ideal online experience. Knowing how to utilize restrictions properly helps equip you to manage your Instagram interactions on your own terms. So get familiar with how it works - it could really improve your time spent on the platform.

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