All Snapchat Planets and order explained in 2024

In summary, Snapchat's Planetary Friendship System reimagines friend rankings, turning them into a cosmic experience. From Mercury to Neptune, each planet symbolizes a distinct bond, accessible with a Snapchat Plus subscription.

By Raunak Bose
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Snapchat is one of the most famous apps among the younger generation as it rules the universe of Social media with its constant new updates and exciting new features. The recent feature that has attracted users to the app is the Snapchat Planetary Friendship System. Let’s dive right in to decipher the secrets of the Snapchat Cosmos. 

Snapchat’s exciting new feature beats the conventional norm of ranking friends in the form of lists and orders. The Planetary Friendship Ranking System embodies you as the blazing sun with 8 top friends revolving around you like the planets in our Solar System.

Snapchat's Planetary Friendship Ranking System

The orders of the planet are the same as in our solar system but is there any deeper meaning hiding behind each planet? Let’s find out. 



Mercury symbolizes your closest confidant on Snapchat with whom you might have shared heart-to-heart chats and moments that make your bond so special. The avatar of this user will be found sitting on top of a fiery red-hue planet with pulsating hearts around it.



Venus comes in second place denoting the epitome of harmony and affection. It’s someone with whom you might share moments of laughter, joy and a seamless connection. The user who represents your Venus is pictured with their avatar sitting on top of a brown planet, adorned with a kaleidoscope of hearts.



Our mighty earth represents the third person and it symbolizes the pillar of support and understanding, bringing stability and comfort in your life. The user denoted as Earth is represented with an avatar, sitting on top of a planet with serene blues and greens with a moon and stars around it.



Mars, the fourth planet in our as well as in Snapchat’s solar system represents the person with whom you might have adventured and shared escapades, pushed boundaries and explored new horizons. The representation again is of an avatar, but sitting on a red planet with vibrant purple and blue hearts around it.



Jupiter, the giant planet of the solar system is ranked fifth in your Snapchat galaxy representing your friend who is always there to offer you wisdom, guidance and unwavering support.  An avatar sitting on Jupiter's fiery orange hues adorned with celestial patterns is used for depicting the friend.



Saturn is the only planet in the solar system that can be identified with its unique rings around and it hence symbolizes the unique bond of your friendship with this user. The sixth planet is depicted with a golden glow with stars around it and the avatar of the user sitting on top of it.



The seventh user on your top friend list is depicted with Uranus, the planet of mystery symbolising the uncharted connection as this user might be a bit distant but still holds a special place in your heart. Uranus is pictured in an emerald hue with stars all around it.



Finally, the last friend in the list is symbolized by the cold and mysterious planet Neptune, symbolizing the connection as something that has turned distant with time. The last friend is depicted with their avatar sitting on top of a planet with an ethereal blue hue.


However, you should know that this feature is only available for users with Snapchat Plus subscription plans. If you are subscribed, you can open the friend's profile and navigate to find the "Best Friends" badge, which will show a pop-up to reveal the planet you are on. 

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