Best Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity

Explore essential Windows 11 widgets that enhance productivity. From calendars to weather forecasts, optimize your desktop for efficient work.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity

Best Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity

Windows 11 offers widgets that provide quick access to productivity tools right from your desktop. These handy mini-apps help you view your calendar, task list, news, and other useful information at a glance. Configuring your Windows 11 desktop with a customized set of widgets tailored to your workflow can save you time and effort. This article covers the top 9 most useful widgets for boosting your productivity and enhancing your user experience in Windows 11.

How to Add Widgets in Windows 11

Adding new widgets to your Windows 11 desktop is quick and easy. Just use these steps:

  1. Access the widgets panel by clicking the widget icon in the taskbar or using the Windows + W keyboard shortcut.

  2. At the top of the widgets panel, click the "+" icon to open the widget gallery.

  3. Browse the available widgets by category like entertainment, business, sports, etc. Or use the search bar to find a specific widget by name.

  4. Hover over a widget and click "Add" to pin it to your widgets panel. Many widgets come pre-installed, but you can get more from the Microsoft Store.

  5. Rearrange widgets by clicking and dragging them into your preferred order in the panel. Remove widgets by moving your mouse to the top right corner and clicking "X".

  6. Resize the widgets panel width and height by dragging the edges and corners. Make it as compact or expansive as you prefer.

  7. Access configured widgets anytime by using the Windows + W shortcut or taskbar icon. The panel will open with your customized set of widgets.

Adding useful widgets takes just seconds, so be sure to explore all your options. Create a widgets panel catered specifically to your role and workflow for a productivity boost.

Top 9 Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity

1. Focus Session

Staying focused while working can be a challenge, but the Focus Session widget utilizes the productive Pomodoro technique. Just set a timer for 25 or 50 minutes and minimize distractions by automatically disabling notifications and other disruptions.

You can customize exactly which features are disabled during focus sessions based on your preferences. Starting a focus session is an easy way to minimize distractions for a set block of heads-down work time.

2. Outlook Calendar

The Outlook Calendar widget lets you see your schedule and create events without opening the full Outlook app. You can customize which calendars are displayed in the widget, so you only see the schedules that are relevant. The widget also allows you to set reminders and alerts for events and meetings.

Having your calendar one click away makes it easy to stay on top of your day. You can check for timing conflicts, schedule appointments, and add to your calendar as needed.

3. To Do

Microsoft To Do is a full-featured task management app, but the To Do widget gives you quick access for viewing and managing tasks right from your desktop. Switch between different task lists or click the My Day tab for a glance at your daily to-dos.

You can even add new tasks and to-dos directly from the widget without having the open the full To Do app. Keeping your task list visible ensures you won't forget to check off important items.

4. Tips

If you're new to using widgets, the Tips widget can help you master the basics. It provides handy hints for customizing, adding, and managing your widget setup. You'll learn keyboard shortcuts, sizing tricks, and how to reorder widgets to suit your needs.

Checking the Tips widget when you first start using widgets can get you up to speed quickly on how to use them effectively. The tips help you maximize productivity with the new widget system.

5. Phone Link

Phone Link allows you to connect your Android or iPhone directly to your Windows 11 desktop. Once linked, the Phone Link widget shows notifications, texts, battery level, and other phone status information.

You can send and receive texts, sync photos, and even make calls right from your computer with Phone Link. The widget gives you a convenient dashboard to monitor your phone without having it nearby.

6. News

Stay on top of the latest headlines with the News widget in Windows 11. You can customize your interests so top stories from your preferred categories are displayed. Expand an article to read it in full right within the widget.

The News widget offers a quick, glanceable way to keep up with the day's top developments across news, sports, entertainment, technology, business, and more. Add news sources you trust for a personalized briefing.

7. Memodown

Memodown is a Microsoft Store widget that focuses on note-taking. You can create sticky notes and pin them as widgets on your desktop for quick access. Customize the size, color, and layout of each note widget.

Memodown also supports Markdown formatting for greater text editing capabilities right in a widget. For productivity, having note widgets makes it easy to jot down reminders and keep reference info visible without cluttering your desktop.

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8. Weather

Quickly glance at your local weather forecast with the Windows 11 Weather widget. See basic details like temperature and conditions for the day, then expand the widget to view an hourly forecast along with details like wind speed, UV index, precipitation chances, and more.

The Weather widget also lets you compare forecasts across multiple locations. Checking the weather takes just a click without having to open a website or app.

9. Memory Check

The Memory Check widget from the Microsoft Store lets you monitor overall memory usage and performance. It shows total RAM utilization and identifies apps that may be slowing your system down due to high memory demands.

Keeping an eye on memory usage can help you troubleshoot sluggish behavior and make adjustments to reclaim needed RAM when workloads get heavy. The Memory Check widget makes it easy to watch your memory status at a glance.

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With the right collection of productivity-focused widgets on your Windows 11 desktop, you can streamline your workday and focus on what matters. Try out widgets like Outlook Calendar, To Do, and Focus to stay organized, informed, and on task. Set up widgets that suit your personal workflow needs and preferences. Take advantage of these handy customizable tools to enhance your productivity using Windows 11.

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