How to Find Video Bit Rate (Bitrate) on Mac in 2024

Understanding the bitrate of your video files is crucial for managing digital content. On your Mac, QuickTime Player makes it easy to find this information.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Find Video Bit Rate (Bitrate) on Mac

How to Find Video Bit Rate (Bitrate) on Mac

Knowing the bitrate of a video file can provide useful information when working with digital video. The bitrate indicates how much data is used per second to store and play the video, which relates to the quality and file size. On a Mac computer, it's easy to find the bitrate of a video using the built-in QuickTime Player application. By following just a few quick steps to access the metadata, you can quickly get the bitrate information for any video file.

How to find the bitrate of a video on your Mac

1. Go to your finder app & find the video whose Bit Rate you want to know. Here right click on the video & click on "Open with" & then open your video with "Quicktime Player". 

2. In the Quicktime player click on the "Window" option in the top menu bar.

3. Now in the popup window, under the General section, you'll see the option of Data Rate. This will tell you the overall bitrate for that video.


Knowing how to find the bitrate for a video on a Mac using QuickTime Player is useful for managing digital video files. The bitrate provides an objective measure of video quality and required file size. Following the quick steps to access the metadata window in QuickTime Player allows you to easily find this information. Using this knowledge, you can better understand the technical properties of your video content on a Mac computer.

FAQs - Find Video Bit Rate on Mac 

What is video bitrate and why is it important?

The bitrate of a video is the amount of data used per second to store and play the video file. It is commonly measured in kilobits per second (kbps). The bitrate greatly impacts the quality and file size of digital video. A higher bitrate allows for better quality video at the cost of a larger file size, while a lower bitrate reduces the file size but can negatively impact quality.

Why would I need to know the bitrate of a video on my Mac?

Knowing the bitrate of videos on your Mac can help you better manage your digital video files. Higher bitrate videos will use more storage space, so checking the bitrate can prevent filling up your hard drive unnecessarily. Bitrate also indicates the video quality, so you can use it to confirm whether a file is high or low resolution. This allows you to choose the right files for your intended use.

What are the common bitrate ranges for different video quality levels?

SD quality video is typically in the range of 250-750 kbps, HD video is 1500-5000 kbps, and 4K video bitrates are usually 8000-35,000 kbps. However, the bitrate needed depends on many factors and these ranges are just general guidelines.

What factors affect the bitrate of a video?

Resolution, frame rate, codec compression, motion, and complexity of image detail all impact the optimal bitrate for a certain video quality. Higher resolution, frame rate, less compression, and more motion/detail require a higher bitrate for good quality.

Can I change the bitrate of a video on my Mac?

Yes, you can use a video encoding or transcoding app like Handbrake to change the bitrate and re-encode video files on your Mac. Lowering the bitrate reduces file size, but lowering it too much hurts video quality. Raising the bitrate improves quality until you reach an optimal level.

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