Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards?

Is your phone charging painfully slow? Uncover reasons like an aging battery, damaged charger, or debris in the charging port. Follow these tips to troubleshoot.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards

Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards

Does it seem like your phone battery takes way longer to charge than it used to? Or maybe you've noticed it's even losing power when it's plugged in - what gives? I know, it's super frustrating when your phone doesn't charge right. If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. I'm going to walk you through some of the most common reasons your smartphone might charge slowly or strangely. And better yet, I'll also give you some handy tips to get your phone juicing up properly again.

Why is My Phone Charging Backwards?

There are a handful of culprits that could be messing with your phone's charging mojo. Let's take a look:

1. Your Battery is Getting Old

One possibility is your battery is just plain old. Batteries naturally lose capacity over time and can't hold as strong a charge. And they don't last forever - in fact, you'll usually get about 2 to 3 years before your battery starts declining. If it's not holding that charge well, your charging issues make total sense.

2. Your Charger or Cord is Busted

Pro tip - always use the charger and charging cable that came with your phone if you can help it. Some third-party chargers skimp on quality and safety, making charging take longer. And if the cord is looking frayed or damaged, it can definitely interfere with getting power to your phone properly. Examine both closely.

3. Gunk in Your Charging Port

Phones' charging ports can get all kinds of pocket lint and gunk built up inside. Carefully clean out the port with some compressed air, a toothpick, or even just blow hard into it and see if charging improves. Debris in the port can block effective power transfer.

"Get this - I took my phone to a mobile repair guy because it wasn't charging right. He took one look and said the charging port was damaged and needed to be fully replaced. Well, that would've cost a chunk of money! So I decided to get a second opinion and brought it to another repair shop. This other technician just took some time to carefully clean out the port and remove any dust and debris. After a quick clean, my phone started charging perfectly again! So i highly recommend you this fix"

4. Extreme Temps Make Charging Drag

Try not to charge your phone in super hot or cold conditions. The battery chemicals need a steady room temperature to charge up without issues. Don't leave it charging in direct sunlight or a freezing car.

5. Too Many Apps Running Wild

If you're trying to do too much at once while charging, like navigation, games, video chats, and more, your phone may struggle to divert enough power to charging up. Close out battery-draining apps and reduce usage until it's fully charged.

How to Tell If Your Charging is Whack

If you see any of these, it means your charging isn't working right:

  • It's taking way longer to charge fully, like overnight instead of just a couple hours

  • The battery percentage goes down while plugged in

  • Your charger or cord feels hot

  • You get "Slow Charging" or other error messages

Don't ignore the signs! Use them to start troubleshooting the issue.

Quick Fixes to Try

Before you panic and rush your phone to the repair shop, try these simple charging fixes:

  • Update your phone's operating system and apps - bugs can slow charging.

  • Swap out cables, try different outlets or USB ports.

  • Turn your phone off and back on again - it clears up software glitches.

  • Replace that aging battery if it's over 2 years old.

If none of these DIY solutions do the trick, it's probably time to get professional help. Phone repair techs have the expertise to accurately diagnose charging problems. They can recommend the necessary repairs or component replacements. Don't let wonky charging damage your phone or frustrate you any longer! With a few troubleshooting tips, you can get your battery juicing up perfectly again.

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