10 Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features!

Discover 10 Apple Vision Pro secrets and hidden features for an enhanced mixed reality experience. Unleash the full potential of your AR device now!

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Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features

Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features

The just-released Apple Vision Pro takes mixed reality to the next level with cutting-edge augmented reality tech. But the coolest features aren't necessarily obvious at first glance. After discovering hidden gems and secrets through extensive research, I'm here to unveil 10 Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features to maximize your experience. Read on to unlock the device's full potential!

1. Easter Eggs in Environments

The stunningly realistic environments in the Vision Pro are more than just pretty backdrops. They actually contain hidden surprises and Easter eggs for you to uncover. One of my favorites is the voice echo you get when shouting atop the mountains in the Maui environment. It perfectly mimics the experience of yelling from a real mountain top! Have you found any other hidden gems embedded in the environments? Let me know in the comments!

2. Pin Apps Exactly Where You Want

Unlike other devices, the Vision Pro lets you pin apps anywhere in your environment for ultimate flexibility. Float a video window above your kitchen counter while you cook, stick a browser page on your ceiling to read in bed, or create a 100-foot movie theater in your virtual backyard. The possibilities are endless with this augmented reality powerhouse!

3. Touch, Tap, and Drag Apps Like Real Objects

You're not limited to pinch gestures when interacting with apps. Bring windows close enough and you can literally reach out and touch them! Tap, drag, and scroll through Vision Pro apps as naturally as you would on an iPad. This direct interaction is what makes it feel like the apps are really there in your space with you.

4. Find Your Perfect View with Swappable Cushions

Apple smartly provides two light seal cushions with varying thickness. The pre-installed thinner option offers a wider field of view, while the thicker alternative gives your eyes extra protection. If you find the view too narrow, swap for the thinner cushion for a more expansive augmented experience. Find your perfect comfort and viewing balance thanks to Apple's adjustable design.

5. Crank Up Immersion by Removing the Cushion

Some users have discovered an easy field-of-view hack - removing the cushion entirely! By getting your eyes closer to the screens, your view becomes even more immersive. However, direct contact is not recommended for vision safety and comfort. I suggest enjoying the stunning environments as intended with the cushion in place. But the option for full immersion awaits!

6. Safely Share the Magic with Guest Mode

Thanks to Guest Mode, you don't have to shell out for multiple Vision Pro units to share the experience. Grant temporary access to friends and family by enabling Guest Mode and selecting approved apps. You can even monitor their usage by mirroring the display. After a quick setup, guests can enjoy Vision Pro while your device stays protected.

7. Mirror Your Vision Pro Anywhere

Speaking of mirroring, your Vision Pro display can be wirelessly mirrored to iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, and AirPlay 2 smart TVs. This casts a first-person view so others can get a taste of the amazing augmented worlds you're interacting with. iOS devices will need to stay updated and have AirPlay Receiver enabled.

8. Charge Up Lightning Fast with a Higher Wattage

While Apple includes a 30W charger, you'll need higher wattage to unleash max charging speeds. 65W+ unlocks rapid charging, blazing through that battery in no time. As confirmed by tests on Ars Technica's forums, the Vision Pro battery will gobble up to 65W when fed by a 100W power source. Grab a chunky charger and say goodbye to long charge times!

9. Immersive 3D Movies Come to Life

If you love movies, the cinematic 3D capabilities of the Vision Pro are a must-try. Supported titles literally leap off the screen, surrounding you with life-like depth and perspective. Expand your collection with 3D movies from iTunes or stream hits on Disney+. Even upgrade your existing library - Apple automatically converts your previously-purchased movies to 3D!

10. Craft Your Ideal Personal Digital Avatar

When generating your personal avatar, avoid looking directly into the device to prevent your eyes from appearing crossed. Instead, gaze past the Vision Pro as you scan. Also check for any wardrobe malfunctions! Shirt collars and necklaces often get bunched up. Take your time perfecting your digital alter ego during setup.


With these 10 simple tips, you can revel in the full wonders of the Apple Vision Pro. From surprising Easter eggs to charging optimizations, I’ve uncovered the device’s best kept secrets. Now you can enjoy jaw-dropping immersive environments, cinematic 3D, and effortless interactions in your own virtual worlds. Have your own tips? Share in the comments to help fellow Vision Pro users.

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