How to retrieve deleted text messages on Android in 2024

Discover the top three methods to recover deleted text messages on Android phones. Also, learn preventive measures to avoid losing important texts in the future.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to retrieve deleted text messages on Android

How to retrieve deleted text messages on Android

Losing important text messages can feel devastating, whether they contain funny inside jokes with friends, important notes from family, or work conversations with clients. However, there is hope. Deleted texts may not be permanently gone, as many phones have built-in features that temporarily store removed messages, allowing easy retrieval. Additionally, cloud backups through device manufacturers or Google automatically create restorable saves of message history on a regular basis.

This guide will outline the top 3 methods to recover texts thought lost forever. Whether utilizing Samsung's trash folder, Samsung Cloud backups or restoring from Google Drive, one of these solutions is sure to rescue those priceless conversations. By learning how to restore deleted messages on Android, meaningful interactions can potentially be regained.

Method 1: Check the Built-in Trash/Recycle Bin

For Samsung users,  they developed this handy trash bin feature built right in that stores your deleted texts for up to a month. Here's how to peep in and restore any regretful messages:

1. First, open up your Messages app.

2. Hit the little three-dot menu button in the top corner.

3. Select "Trash" from the options.


4. In there, you'll find recently binned messages. Just press and hold on a conversation to select it and bring it back from the dead!

Samsung makes it really easy to snoop on your deleted texts without any extra apps. The messages bin is right there integrated into Messages. Just check it periodically if you're worried you deleted something important by accident.

Method 2: Restore from Cloud Backups

In a pinch, Samsung's cloud backups can also save your missing texts. Just follow these steps:

1. Open up your Settings app.

2. In the search bar, type "Restore data" and click the result under "Account and backup".

3. Under "Samsung Cloud", hit the "Restore data" button.

4. Pick the device with the backup you need.

5. Select "Messages" from the list of stuff to retrieve. Start the restore and your deleted convos will reappear!

Most Android phones have their own cloud setup too, so check there if you don't have a Samsung. Just poke around Settings, find your cloud service and see if Messages is one of the things stored in your backups. With a quick restore, those accidentally trashed texts can come back to life.

Method 3: Restore from Google Account Backup

Chances are you already have auto backups set up with Google since everyone uses their account. This could save your deleted texts:

1. Open up Settings.

2. Scroll down and click the "Google" option.

3. Tap on "Backup" and look at your photo/video options.

4. See if "SMS & MMS messages" is listed in the backed up.

5. If so, you're in luck! But restoring isn't as simple as tapping a button.

6. You'll need to reset your whole device first.

7. When you set it up again after resetting, you'll get the option to restore from the backup.

8. Select your backup and bam, your deleted texts will reappear!

It's a bit more involved than Samsung's method, but Google likely has an old backup of your messages too if you've been letting it run auto-uploads. Just factory reset and restore to bring those convos back.

Prevent Lost Texts Before They're Gone

Don't wait til it's too late - better safe than sorry, right? Here are some easy things you can do to avoid losing precious texts down the line:

  • For Samsung smartphones, you have to go to Settings and enable the automatic messages backup under "Accounts and Backup"

  • On other Androids, hit up Settings then Google, and tick on the "Back up by Google One" option

  • Google Messages doesn't have a delete folder, so instead of deleting texts just archive them for safekeeping

  • Also periodically check if your cloud backups are still chugging away properly

  • You can even print out or screenshot convos if they're mega important just in case

Taking two seconds now to turn on backups or archiving instead of deleting could save you loads of headaches later. No one wants to be in "OMG where'd those texts go?!" panic mode. Be proactive about protecting your message history so it's not a total disaster if you ever wipe your phone clean.

Those who lose important conversations should not lose hope, as backups may have saved them. Taking a few minutes to enable automatic cloud backups going forward means future situations will not require digging through past saves to perform restores. A small amount of prevention goes a long way toward avoiding distress down the road. These message restoration techniques can be shared with others to potentially help them as well, as the more individuals archiving and backing up, the less often any will be left panicking over missing messages.

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