How to Record Audio on Android

Get the most out of your Android recordings with these methods and tools.

By Abhishek Chandel
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3 Ways to Record Audio on Android

3 Ways to Record Audio on Android

Your Android smartphone likely has a decent built-in microphone, but getting truly professional, studio-quality recordings requires a bit more effort. In this post, We'll go over 3 methods to record and produce audio worthy of a podcast, musical album, or audiobook using just your Android device.

3 Ways to Record Audio on Android

Method 1: Using the Built-In Voice Recorder App

All Android phones and tablets come pre-installed with a simple voice recorder app. While the name varies between devices, it provides basic recording functionality.

The built-in recorder app lets you quickly capture audio by just tapping a record button. It's great for short voice memos, recording talks or meetings, or other impromptu situations where audio quality isn't critical.

To use it:

1. Open the app - Locate it in your app drawer or home screen. The icon typically shows a microphone.

2. Tap the record button - This will start recording audio through your device's built-in microphone.

3. Speak your message or capture the audio you need & Hit stop when finished.

4. The app will automatically save the recording to storage. You can tag it with a title or date if needed.

5. To play back recordings, open the app and select the file. Press play.

Method 2: Install a Third-Party Recording App with Advanced Features

While the built-in voice recorder app is convenient, third-party recording apps from the Google Play Store unlock many more advanced features for professional recordings. Here are some top options to consider downloading:

1. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Pro) - Apps on Google Play

This app provides tools to help edit your recordings like trimming, looping, and batch editing. You can craft and polish recordings with precision.

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2. RecForge II

RecForge II - Audio Recorder - Apps on Google Play

Great for recording music, RecForge II offers studio-grade effects like reverb, delay, and EQ. It also allows multi-track editing so you can record and mix multiple audio tracks.

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3. Audio Evolution Mobile

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio - Apps on Google Play

A full digital audio workstation for your Android device. It gives you fine-tuned control with tools like clipping, normalization, compression, fading, and more.

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4. Dolby On

Dolby On: Record Audio & Music - Apps on Google Play

Adds Dolby audio enhancement technologies to Android recording and reduces background noise. Provides EQ presets for music, speech, and meetings.

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With advanced third-party apps, you can truly unlock professional recording and editing capabilities using just your Android device. The power is similar to that of a desktop audio workstation. A worthwhile upgrade from the standard built-in voice recorder app.

Method 3: Use a Professional External Microphone

To truly get studio-quality recordings, you need an external microphone. The built-in mics on Android devices are decent, but a professional mic can capture supremely crisp, clear audio. Here are some excellent options:

1. Zoom H1n

This compact handheld audio recorder has an onboard X/Y stereo condenser microphone. It can connect to Android devices via USB as an audio interface. Records high-res WAV/MP3 files. Has effects and useful recording features. A great portable recording studio.

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Another handheld recorder with microphones built-in. It connects to Android over USB and records up to 24-bit/96 kHz quality. Has a sleek metal body. Features a microSD card slot, effects, and dual recording modes. Reliable portable recording device.

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3. Rode NT-USB Mini

A studio-grade USB condenser microphone meant for desktop use but can connect to Android devices through a USB-C adapter. Ideal for vocals, podcasting, and voiceovers. Has an internal pop filter and tight polar pattern to isolate sound sources. Needs a stand but delivers exceptional audio quality.

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With the right gear and setup, your Android device can record professional-level audio suitable for any project. Use these tips to produce clear, pristine recordings that sound like they were made in a high-end studio. Just remember the two golden rules: invest in a quality external microphone, and always monitor your recording levels!

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