Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android

Check out the best third-party texting apps for Android.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android

Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android

Two-factor authentication has become ubiquitous, with verification codes sent via SMS being a common method used. Getting these codes conveniently on your Android device is crucial for seamless account access. Rather than rely on your phone's default texting app, third-party options provide enhanced features to simplify receiving and organizing verification texts.

Advantages of Third-Party Texting Apps

Third-party texting apps offer more flexibility and features than built-in messaging apps. Key advantages include:

  • Blocking spam texts and calls

  • Accessing messages across multiple devices

  • Enhanced privacy and security settings

  • Keeping verification codes separate from personal texts

  • Scheduling messages and other advanced features

Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android

1. Google Voice

Google Voice on the App Store

Google Voice gives you a free secondary phone number to use specifically for verification codes. Any texts sent to that number will be forwarded to your Android device and synced to the Google Voice website. This makes it easy to access codes from anywhere. Google Voice works internationally, with low-cost calling rates in many countries making it a good option for global use.

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2. TextNow

With TextNow you can get a free additional phone number to set up just for receiving verification texts. It is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. TextNow offers effective tools to block spam calls and text messages, keeping your verification texts separate from unwanted chats. The basic app is free to use, with optional premium paid upgrades for additional features like more storage, enhanced visual voicemail, and unlimited calling/texting.

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3. Sideline


Sideline is a paid app but is affordably priced considering its features. You can use Sideline to get additional phone numbers that act as burner numbers specifically for verification codes. This keeps these texts separate from your primary personal number. Sideline has excellent spam-blocking capabilities for both calls and texts. It also has robust privacy settings, letting you control which apps have access to your info.

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4. Hushed


A key feature of Hushed is providing disposable secondary phone numbers that you can use for one-time verification texts that you don't need ongoing. These temporary numbers are ideal for keeping your primary number private. Hushed is focused on privacy, blocking spam and obscuring your personal number from unsolicited messages. It offers inexpensive pricing tiers based on usage needs.

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5. Burner


Burner issues temporary, short-term phone numbers that are ideal for receiving verification codes you likely won't need again after initial setup. This protects your privacy by keeping your real number obscure. Burner has advanced features to prevent spam texts to these burner numbers. It is a paid app that lets you buy short-term secondary numbers suited for temporary verification usage.

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6. MySudo


MySudo gives you access to unlimited secondary phone numbers to maintain your privacy when getting verification codes. It has effective spam blocking for both calls and texts to these alternate numbers. MySudo is a paid subscription app but is competitively priced for the vast number of burner numbers and privacy features it provides.

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7. TextPlus


TextPlus offers a simple free secondary phone number to use for collecting verification codes sent via text. It works on both Android and iOS devices. While basic, it does have decent tools for blocking spam texts from hitting your TextPlus number to keep verification texts unobstructed.

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8. TextMe


With TextMe you can get free phone numbers to route verification texts to multiple devices simultaneously. It supports using the same number on your Android phone, iPad, and computer. This makes TextMe a flexible option. It also works for international texting across over 200 countries.

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Tips for Using Third-Party Texting Apps

  • Disable notifications if only using for verifications to limit distractions.

  • Review app permissions and limit access to only necessary features.

  • Use a separate app just for verification texts to stay organized.

  • Ensure your chosen app syncs across your devices.


Third-party texting apps provide useful features to simplify getting and managing verification codes. Consider Google Voice for a solid free option or Sideline for a paid app with enhanced privacy. With the right texting app, you can access authentication codes quickly and securely.

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