How to Change AirDrop Name?

Confused by generic iPhone names during AirDrop? Follow this step-by-step guide to change your AirDrop name on iPhone. Customize it with something personal.

By Abhishek Chandel
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How to Change AirDrop Name

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Have you ever tried to use AirDrop to send something to a friend but got confused because you both had the same generic iPhone name? It's kinda annoying when your phone shows up as "iPhone 12" and you're not sure who's who.

Luckily there's a way to fix that and customize your AirDrop name so people know it's you. This guide will show you how to open up your phone's settings and change that AirDrop name to something personal like "John's iPhone" or whatever you want.

How to Change AirDrop Name?

1. Unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode if required. Locate and tap the Settings app icon, which is represented by a gear icon against a grey background. This will open the Settings menu.

2. In the Settings menu screen, scroll down the list of options by swiping upwards on the screen until you see the word "General". Tap on this option.

3. The General settings screen will open. Under the various general device options like Date & Time, Software Update etc., locate the word "About" listed at the top. Tap on this.

4. The About screen provides information about your specific device model, number, etc. Towards the top of this screen, you will see the device's current name displayed. Tap on this current name text.

5. Once tapped, the name text will become highlighted and the on-screen keyboard will appear. If an existing custom name was already set, an "X" delete icon will also appear at the end of the name. Tap this "X" to clear any existing custom name text.

6. With the name field now empty, use the keyboard to type the new name you want to personalize your iPhone with. This name will represent your device on services like AirDrop.

7. After entering the new custom name, tap the "Done" button on the bottom right of the keyboard to save and apply the name.

8. You can now back out of the Settings app by tapping the back arrow icon in the top left corner a few times. The name you entered will now be set and displayed whenever your iPhone is visible to others through AirDrop.

A Few Other Things To Keep In Mind

When picking your new AirDrop handle, go with something that obviously says "This one's mine". You want your buddies to see your name pop up and instantly know it's you, not somebody else nearby. Also, try to avoid anything offensive or inappropriate. This is displayed to anyone in the area, so keep it clean.

One more thing - Apple only gives you 250 characters for your device's name. That's not really enough space for a full novel! So aim to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Respect that character limit so your name doesn't get cut off.

Now that you've customized your AirDrop name, sharing files with other Apple users locally will be super simple. No more doubt about whether a phone is yours or someone else's. Just be sure to keep your name inoffensive - you don't want any awkward moments if an inappropriate name pops up on another phone!

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