The Future of iPhones: Under-Display Cameras by Apple

Explore how LG Innotek's technology may lead to iPhones with under-display cameras, eliminating notches and providing a seamless full-screen experience.

By Abhishek Chandel
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The Future of iPhones: Under-Display Cameras by Apple

The Future of iPhones: Under-Display Cameras by Apple

Apple is reportedly working on an exciting innovation for future iPhones - under-display cameras that would allow for an true, uninterrupted full-screen display. According to a recent report by The Elec, Apple supplier LG Innotek is developing this technology and aims to have it ready for iPhones potentially as early as 2026.

Overcoming Light Transmission Challenges

One major obstacle that has hindered under-display cameras thus far is insufficient light transmission through the display to the camera sensor, resulting in lower image quality. But LG Innotek is working on a solution. “LG Innotek is in an advanced development stage for a UDC system,” The Elec reported.

The company has patented a “freeform optic” multi-lens system that can control the thickness of the peripheral lens to reduce distortion and optimize light transmission to the edges. This could significantly improve the image quality of an under-panel camera system to make it viable for Apple's standards.

According to The Elec's sources, Apple has already received some under-display camera samples from suppliers, but has not been satisfied with their quality so far when compared to a traditional iPhone front camera. LG Innotek aims to increase light transmittance dramatically in the next couple years - from 20% currently to 40% by 2024 - in order to meet Apple's expectations.

The Future: Goodbye Notches and Holes!

If LG Innotek and other Apple suppliers can perfect UDC technology in the next few years, it opens the door for iPhones with truly full-screen displays without any notches or camera cutouts. Analysts predict Apple may first implement under-display Face ID by 2025 before introducing under-panel cameras in the 2027 iPhone models.

While some Android phones have already adopted early iterations of UDC tech, they remain limited to low-resolution sensors. But with Apple's high standards for iPhone image quality, if they adopt the tech in the next 3-5 years it could drive rapid improvements in the space - leading to a future of iPhones with stunning full-screen designs unimpeded by front sensors. It's an exciting innovation to watch for in the coming era of smartphones.

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