Best Android 14 Features

Discover how Android 14 enhances customization, productivity, privacy, and user experience. Dive into the future of Android.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Best Android 14 Features

Best Android 14 Features

This article highlights the best Android 14 features that make the latest operating system upgrade worth installing. From visual improvements to enhanced productivity and privacy tools, Android 14 aims to deliver a faster, smarter, more personalized experience. Read on for 16 of the top features of Android 14 to get a taste of what's new and improved in this exciting OS update. With customization, AI, security, and accessibility upgrades, Android 14's best features demonstrate the future of the Android mobile experience.

Best New Android 14 Features

1. New Lockscreen Customizations

Android 14 introduces fresh new lock screen customization options to make your device feel more unique. This includes new clock designs featuring smooth, modern animations and transitions as you interact with the lock screen. It also adds customizable app shortcuts you can strategically position in the bottom corners for quick access to your favorite apps right from the lock screen. Between the redesigned clock widgets and handy app shortcuts, you have more ways than ever to add a personal flair and efficiency to your lock screen.

2. Magic Compose in Messages

Magic Compose is a Pixel-exclusive feature for Android 14 that provides impressively advanced AI-powered writing assistance right within your default messaging app. As you compose texts, it will actively suggest various tone responses ranging from excited and overjoyed to poetic and dramatic. You can rewrite and rephrase your messages to sound more enthusiastic, lyrical, lighthearted, serious, or virtually any other emotion based on Magic Compose's dynamically generated proposals. It's like having an AI writing assistant at your fingertips.

3. Notification Flashes

Notification Flashes provide a handy visual alert of incoming notifications using your camera flash or screen flashing. This is extremely useful and convenient for those who are hearing-impaired or are often in loud environments where ringtones may not be heard or felt. You can customize the color and preview different flash options before enabling you to find the perfect accessibility alert for your unique needs and situation. Whether you want a bright camera flash or a colorful screen flash, you can set it up exactly how you want for the best experience.

4. Photo Picker (Improved Privacy)

The Photo Picker grants you significantly more control over privacy and security by letting you select specific photos to share with an app. Instead of blanket permission for an app to access your entire gallery, which raises privacy concerns, they must now use the picker to access only what you explicitly allow. Popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram already use this more secure API to prevent exposing your personal media library without your consent. This is a major improvement that gives you peace of mind and protects sensitive photos from potential abuse or unauthorized access.

5. App Pair (Split Screen)

App Pair finally allows you to seamlessly open two apps side-by-side simultaneously in a split-screen view. You can easily switch between the paired apps with simple taps or swipes. Even better, you can minimize and maximize both apps in unison with a single tap. This is especially useful on larger screened devices like tablets and makes multitasking much quicker and more convenient than ever before. No more laboriously opening and closing apps when you need to reference two at once.

6. Charging Pill Animation

A new charging animation displays a playful, pill-shaped indicator that visually shows your charging progress when you plug in your Android 14 device. It starts smaller and then scales up as charging progresses to completion. This is a purely aesthetic addition that showcases Google's fun and creative touch. While minor, it's a nice visual touch that livens up the charging experience.

7. Manufacturing Date

You can now easily locate your device's manufacturing year right within the About Phone settings. While not the most practical addition at first glance, it actually provides extremely helpful insights into the true age of a used or refurbished phone. This allows buyers to confirm if a pre-owned device is relatively new or quite old based on the date, giving them peace of mind about the device's history and lifecycle. For optimal longevity, a newer manufactured phone is ideal.

8. Auto-Confirm Unlock

Android 14 introduces a smooth quality-of-life upgrade with Auto-Confirm Unlock which wholly streamlines and speeds up the unlocking process by removing the extra tap previously required after entering your passcode. Now, your device will unlock immediately after inputting the correct passcode without needing any additional confirmation tap or gesture. This makes accessing your device feel seamless and natural.

9. Enhanced Find My Device

Find My Device will receive a major and much-needed upgrade with wider support for finding phones, tablets, watches, trackers, and other accessories. Leveraging Android's wider device network, it will allow you to conveniently ring or locate lost gadgets using any of your Android devices. The refreshed UI also makes the app simpler and more intuitive to use. With Find My Device enhancements, you'll have full confidence you can remotely secure, ring, or track your devices.

10. Forced Themed Icons

Forced themed icons will apply the custom icon shape and theme you select to all apps automatically for a clean, cohesive look. This provides a more consistent experience instead of a mismatch of themed system icons and unthemed third-party apps. Even if developers don't update their app with support for themed icons, Android 14 will handle applying your selected shape and theme across the board.

11. Predictive Back Gestures

This clever and intuitive feature gives you a live preview of the previous app screen as you slowly swipe back with the navigation gesture. By holding and dragging the back swipe, you can conveniently preview if the screen you're returning to is indeed the one you actually intended to navigate to. This helps prevent accidentally closing the wrong app or losing your place within apps. It takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of navigating backward.

12. App Cloning

App Cloning will finally allow you to conveniently run multiple instances of the same app with ease. This is an extremely useful capability for cases like running two different WhatsApp accounts on a single phone with dual SIM cards. With app cloning enabled, you can seamlessly clone apps like WhatsApp and independently log into each clone with a different account to manage both flawlessly within the same phone. No more switching between accounts or using sketchy third-party apps.

13. Partial Screen Recording

The partial screen recorder allows recording specific apps without any distracting interface elements or notifications from other apps appearing in the captured content. For example, you can cleanly record your on-screen gameplay without any interruptions from calls, texts, or other apps. Anything outside the app you're recording will appear blacked out in the final recording. This keeps your videos focused on only what matters.

14. Separate Notification/Ring Volumes

Android 14 finally enables customizing notification and ring volumes individually rather than linking them to the same level. This allows you to keep the ring volume louder for calls while lowering notification sounds without compromise. With granular control, you can optimize volumes to suit your needs in any situation - loud rings when you may not hear them, but soft dings during nighttime to avoid disturbances.

15. Drag and Drop Content

Native drag-and-drop support for text, images, links, and other content makes sharing between apps easier than ever. Similar to iOS, you can now simply drag elements from one app and directly drop them into another app seamlessly, without any clumsy copy/paste process. No more time-wasting steps of copying info, opening the destination app, and pasting it. Just drag and drop to instantly send content between apps.

16. New Wallpaper Types

Three fresh wallpaper types include Emoji, AI-generated, and Cinematic backdrops with interactive animations. The Emoji and generative AI options create engaging, dynamic collages using your favorite emoji and artistic AI models. Cinematic wallpapers add convincing parallax depth effects to your chosen photos for an immersive 3D look. Pick an aesthetic that suits you.


With thoughtful improvements both available now and on the horizon, Android 14 focuses on enhanced customization, user experience, productivity, and privacy. Key additions like App Cloning, upgraded Find My Device, granular notification controls, AI writing assistants and more demonstrate how Android evolves to deliver practical, real-world benefits that improve your overall mobile experience.

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