Android 14: Top 5 Settings to Tweak Right Away

Explore Android 14's best settings: predictive gestures, flash notifications, regional preferences, and faster PIN unlock.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Android 14 Top 5 Settings to Tweak Right Away

Android 14: Top 5 Settings to Tweak Right Away

The Android 14 update brings several new customization options and features to enhance your experience. While major revisions like Material You brought visual changes last year, many of the best tweaks in Android 14 are hidden in the settings. Let's explore some of the top settings you'll want to adjust after updating to Android 14.

1. Activate predictive back gestures

One of the most powerful new settings lurking in Android 14's Developer options is predictive back gestures. With this enabled, you'll get a live preview of the previous app screen as you swipe back.

This helps visualize where you're navigating back to, making multitasking much smoother. It's especially handy if you tend to have lots of apps open.

To enable predictive back gestures:

  1. Open Settings and go to System > Developer options.

  2. Scroll down and toggle on "Predictive back animations" under Input.

  3. Accept the warning prompt explaining that this is an experimental feature.

Keep in mind not all apps support predictive back gestures yet. But it already works well in core system apps like Settings and Chrome. We can expect third-party adoption to improve over time.

2. Get Flash notification alerts

In the era of edge-to-edge displays, notification LEDs are largely extinct. But Android 14 brings back some of that same visual alert convenience with flash notifications.

You can enable your camera or screen to flash subtly whenever a new notification comes in. This is perfect for loud environments where you may not hear your ringer or for accessibility needs.

To start using flash notifications:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications > Flash notifications.

  2. Toggle on the options for Camera flash, Screen flash, or both.

  3. Pick a flash color option if using screen flash. The default is a subtle white/yellow.

Test it out and make sure the notification flash is visible but not too distracting depending on your surroundings.

3. Regional preferences for global users

Frequent travelers will love the new per-app language and region settings in Android 14. Under Languages & input > Regional preferences, you can override the system-wide defaults.

Set your preferred temperature scale, time format, calendar style, and more on an app-by-app basis. Whether you need metric units for work or a 24-hour clock in certain apps, Android 14 has your back.

Regional preferences help remove geographic limitations and customize formats to your needs.

4. Faster PIN unlock

Unlocking your phone with a PIN code is now faster thanks to a convenient new auto-confirm option. Locate this under Settings > Security > Device security > PIN.

Toggle on "Auto-confirm PIN" and your phone will unlock immediately after entering the correct PIN without needing an additional tap. This speed boost makes PIN unlocking feel snappy and responsive.

For even more security, also enable the "Enhanced PIN entry" option that disables the number pad pop-up animations. This prevents onlookers from deciphering your PIN by the finger motions.

5. Revamped lock screen aesthetics

Lock screen customization gets a major upgrade in Android 14. Long-press on your home screen clock and select "Customize" to get started designing your perfect lock screen.

You can pick from a range of modern clock designs and colors to match your style. Google also now lets you add customizable app shortcuts in the corner for quick access. Everything works seamlessly with Material You dynamic theming.

Spend time making your lock screen feel uniquely yours. This is one of the best aspects of the Android 14 update.


Android 14 may seem subtle, but looking closer reveals meaningful customization and productivity enhancements. Between visual revamps, intelligent gestures, serious multi-tasking utilities, and helpful new settings, you have plenty to explore after updating. Change these key settings to maximize efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. Familiarize yourself with the full range of Android 14 customizations to make the OS truly your own.

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