Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra: The Ultimate Comparison

Explore the detailed comparison of Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S23 Ultra across design, cameras, performance, software, and more. Find your perfect Android powerhouse!

By Abhishek Chandel
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Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra

The Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra represent the pinnacle of Android flagship phones. With their cutting-edge designs, pro-level cameras, and top-tier specs, these two phones are at the forefront of mobile technology. In this ultimate comparison, we’ll examine how the Pixel 8 Pro and S23 Ultra stack up across critical categories like design, displays, camera performance, specs, software, special features, and more. Read on to see how Google and Samsung’s finest flagships compare and which one may be the better choice depending on your needs.

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra: Key Specs at a Glance

Before we dive into the details, let's briefly compare the Pixel 8 Pro and S23 Ultra's core specifications at a high level. The table below summarizes the key hardware and features between Google and Samsung's flagship phone models. While both phones represent the pinnacle for their respective manufacturers, you'll notice some expected differences that showcase each brand's strengths. The side-by-side view will give you a better idea of how the specs stack up across the two industry-leading devices. Studying the specs table provides helpful context before we explore the Pixel 8 Pro and S23 Ultra more in-depth.


Google Pixel 8 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


6.7-inch LTPO OLED, 120Hz

6.8-inch LTPO OLED, 120Hz


Google Tensor G3

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy







Rear camera

50MP main, 48MP ultrawide, 48MP telephoto (5x optical zoom)

200MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP periscope telephoto (10x optical zoom), 10MP periscope telephoto (3x optical zoom)

Front camera







30W wired, 23W wireless

45W wired, 15W wireless


Android 14

One UI 5.1 (Android 13)


162.6 x 76.7 x 8.8 mm

163.3 x 78.1 x 8.9 mm


213 g

234 g

IP Rating







Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor


Porcelain, Bay and Obsidian

Phantom Black, Green and Cream colour

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung S23 Ultra: The Ultimate Comparison

Design & Build

The Pixel 8 Pro sports a polished metal and glass design that looks elegant yet understated. It measures 162.6 x 76.5 x 8.8mm and weighs around 213g, making it comfortable for one-handed use. The aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on the front and back give it a premium feel and durability. An IP68 rating provides dust and water resistance up to 1.5m for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, the S23 Ultra has a similar premium all-glass and aluminum build but is slightly larger at 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9mm and heavier at 234g. It also utilizes Gorilla Glass Victus 2 and the same IP68 rating. The extra heft lends it a more solid feel, but one-handed use can be tricky. The Pixel 8 Pro’s softer curves feel better contoured to the hand.

Around the back, the Pixel 8 Pro’s glossy glass contrasts the S23 Ultra’s matte finish that better resists fingerprints. Both phones have standard USB-C charging ports but no headphone jack. However, the S23 Ultra uniquely offers an integrated S Pen stylus for writing and drawing directly on the screen.


The Pixel 8 Pro sports a 6.7” QHD+ LTPO OLED display with a fluid 120Hz refresh rate. It hits up to 2400 nits brightness with HDR support for vivid images and video. The S23 Ultra equally impresses with its slightly larger 6.8” QHD+ AMOLED display and 120Hz adaptive refresh. It matches the 1750 nits peak brightness and HDR while adding a bit more real estate.

Both screens have small front camera cutouts and in-display fingerprint scanners – optical for the Pixel and ultrasonic for the S23 Ultra. While the Pixel’s panel delivers excellent quality & brightness, the S23 Ultra’s screen remains a touch ahead in terms of, vividness, and fingerprint sensor speed. But both phones provide exceptional AMOLED viewing experiences.

Performance & Battery

The Pixel 8 Pro is powered by Google’s Tensor G3 processor and 12GB of RAM for fluid performance, while the S23 Ultra packs the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip with 8GB or 12GB RAM depending on the model. Both deliver extremely fast speeds for demanding apps, multi-tasking, and mobile gaming. However, the Snapdragon appears to have a slight edge in sustained performance and heat management.

For battery life, the Pixel 8 Pro incorporates a 5050 mAh battery with 30W wired and 23W wireless charging. This provides all-day endurance for most users. Meanwhile, the S23 Ultra has a 5000 mAh battery with blazing 45W wired and 15W wireless charging that offers even longer runtimes. Both phones deliver excellent battery life, with the S23 Ultra charging faster when plugged in.

Camera Comparison

The Pixel 8 Pro features 50MP, 48MP telephoto, and 48MP ultrawide rear cameras. It excels at computational photography and low-light shots. The S23 Ultra packs an intimidating 200MP main camera plus two 10MP telephotos, a 12MP ultrawide, and 100x Space Zoom. This gives it tremendous flexibility but can be more complex to use. Both provide fantastic image quality in most settings.

For selfies, the Pixel 8 Pro uses a 10.5MP autofocus camera while the S23 Ultra ups the resolution with its 12MP front sensor. Ultimately, the Pixel may have the edge for AI-enhanced simplicity, but the S23 Ultra offers more manual controls and shooting options if that’s your preference.

Software Experience

The Pixel 8 Pro showcases the latest Android 14 software with Google’s own enhancements like Magic Eraser for photos. Being a Google phone, it offers the cleanest Android experience and fastest access to OS updates. Samsung’s One UI 5.1 on the S23 Ultra is also feature-rich, including deeper S Pen integration, Samsung DeX for PC-like multitasking, and ecosystem conveniences like seamless pairing with Galaxy Buds or smartwatches.

Both manufacturers add their own touches on top of stock Android. Pixel focuses on intelligent assistance powered by Google's advanced AI, while the S23 Ultra provides added customization through features like theming.

Notably, the Pixel 8 Pro offers an industry-leading 7 years of software support from Google. This includes OS upgrades all the way through Android 21 along with regular security updates. In contrast, Samsung promises 4 major OS updates and 5 years of security patches. For those who value staying up to date, the Pixel 8 Pro is hard to beat.


There’s excellence to be found in both the Pixel 8 Pro and S23 Ultra. The Pixel wins on smarter software and night photography, while the S23 Ultra boasts an unrivaled display, the versatility of its camera array, and S Pen integration. Both represent the pinnacle of Android technology today. For those seeking the best camera automation and AI, the Pixel 8 Pro triumphs. However, Samsung offers greater customization for users who enjoy optimizing settings and features exactly to their needs. Either way, buyers have two outstanding options for an elite Android flagship.

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