Best Android 14 Hidden Features and Tips

Unlock the Secrets of Android 14: Explore Hidden Features for Customizing Lock Screens, Wallpapers, Fonts, and More!

By Abhishek Chandel
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9 Best Android 14 Hidden Features and Tips You Should Know

9 Best Android 14 Hidden Features and Tips You Should Know

Android 14 introduced many highly anticipated features like improved privacy controls, customizable lock screens, and more. However, some of the best enhancements are hidden below the surface. In this post, we'll highlight 9 clever tips and tricks that allow you to truly customize Android 14 to your liking. From creating cinematic wallpapers to making UI tweaks like transparent navigation bars, these hidden gems will let you tailor Android 14 to your specific needs and preferences.

1. Customize the Lock Screen

Android 14 brings new lock screen customization options. You can now change the clock's style, size, and color to your liking. Plus, you can add customizable lock screen shortcuts for quick access to apps.

Ways to Customize the Lock Screen:

  • Change the clock face to Analog, Digital, etc.

  • Make the clock smaller, larger, or keep it default sized.

  • Select a color for the clock text.

  • Add shortcuts to camera, phone, or other apps.

Take control of your lock screen's look and shortcuts.

2. Separate Notification and Ring Volumes

Tired of loud notifications interrupting your music? Android 14 finally allows you to control notification volume and ringtone volume independently.

How to Use Separate Volumes:

  • Go to Settings > Sound & vibration.

  • Adjust the sliders for Ringtone and Notifications.

  • Set notifications lower without affecting ringtones.

Now you can keep ringtones loud while muting bothersome notification sounds!

3. Create Cinematic Wallpapers from Photos

One of the coolest new capabilities in Android 14 is the ability to turn any photo into a 3D cinematic wallpaper. The wallpaper will appear to move as you switch between home screens or apps.

Steps to Create a Cinematic Wallpaper:

  1. Open Settings and go to Wallpaper & style > My Photos.

  2. Select a photo to use.

  3. Tap the icon with 3 stars and enable "Create Cinematic wallpaper."

  4. Wait a few seconds for it to process.

  5. Tap "Set Wallpaper" and choose home or lock screen.

Set this mesmerizing animated wallpaper as your backdrop on your home screen, lock screen, or both!

4. Quickly Change Font Size

Android 14 introduces a new Quick Settings tile to quickly make text larger or smaller. No more digging through settings menus!

Using the Font Size Tile:

  • Swipe down to open Quick Settings.

  • Find and tap the Font size tile.

  • Use the slider to adjust text size on the fly.

Dynamically change fonts with this handy quick-setting shortcut.

5. Selective Photo Access for Apps

For improved privacy, you can now limit which photos an app can access. Rather than all-or-nothing access, choose Select photos and videos when prompted.

Limiting Photo Access:

  • When an app requests access, choose "Select photos."

  • Pick only certain photos to allow access.

  • The app cannot access your other photos.

Selectively share only the photos you want with each app.

6. Drag and Drop Between Apps

For easier content sharing, you can now drag and drop text, links, images, and more between apps. This works both split screen and in the app switcher.

Using Drag and Drop:

  • Long press text or an image to "pick it up".

  • Switch to the destination app.

  • Drag the content and release to "drop" it.

Quickly share snippets between apps with drag and drop.

7. Check Manufacturing Date

Under About Phone, you can now view the year your Android device was manufactured. This helps you determine your phone's age and hardware lifespan.

Finding Manufacturing Year:

  • Go to Settings > About phone.

  • Tap the Model number.

  • View the "Manufactured year" date.

See when your phone was originally launched for insight into its age.

8. Transparent Navigation Bar

You can now make the navigation bar at the bottom blend seamlessly into your wallpaper for a cleaner look. Enable "Transparent navigation bar" in Developer options.

Making the Nav Bar Transparent:

  • Go to Settings > System > Developer options.

  • Enable "Transparent navigation bar."

  • The nav buttons become translucent.

Get rid of that ugly black bar for smooth, transparent navigation.

9. Android 14 Easter Egg

For some hidden fun, try accessing the Android 14 easter egg animation featuring spaceships and stars:

  • Go to Settings > About phone > Android version.

  • Repeatedly tap the version number.

  • Hold your finger down on the logo.

  • Enjoy the spaceship animation!

Try this secret hidden game yourself for a bit of Android 14 fun!


Android 14 offers ample options to make your phone distinctly yours through these handy hidden features. Whether you want to liven up your backdrop with 3D cinematic wallpapers, selectively limit app photo access, or enjoy the Android 14 easter egg, there are lots of customization gems to uncover. With capabilities like drag and drop between apps or separate notification volumes, you can boost convenience and productivity too. Overall, Android 14 delivers not just new functions on the surface, but even more possibilities below via these tips.

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