Take-Two CEO reveals why a GTA movie is not possible despite earning nearly $10 billion from GTA V alone

Despite GTA V's $10 billion success, a movie adaptation is deemed too risky, with Take-Two prioritizing control and profitability in the gaming industry.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Why a GTA movie is not possible despite earning $10 billion from GTA V alone? Take-Two CEO reveals why.

Why a GTA movie is not possible despite earning $10 billion from GTA V alone? Take-Two CEO reveals why.

Grand Theft Auto V has earned over $10 billion since its release in 2013, making it one of the most profitable entertainment properties of all time. With such astounding success, a GTA movie adaptation seems like an obvious next step. However, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick recently explained why a GTA film is not on the horizon.

GTA's Success in Games vs. Risks of Movies

There's no denying the monumental triumph of GTA in the videogame world. GTA V has shipped over 190 million copies and grossed over $10 billion, making it the second highest selling game ever behind Minecraft. The GTA series as a whole has sold over 380 million copies worldwide. It's a cultural phenomenon that spans generations of gamers across the globe.

However, Zelnick points out that movies are a much more challenging business with far lower hit ratios compared to video games. Even a well-run movie studio only sees hits around 30% of the time, meaning there's a 70% chance of failure.

Furthermore, even a successful GTA movie that grossed hundreds of millions at the box office would still only generate a fraction of the licensing revenues Take-Two earns from its gaming business. The company reported $1.3 billion in net revenues just in its most recent quarter.

Downsides and Risks Outweigh Potential Benefits

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While a GTA movie could appeal to fans and expand the audience, Zelnick believes the risks outweigh the potential rewards. A disappointing or failed GTA adaptation could significantly damage the brand's reputation and integrity.

Given the interactive open-world nature of the games, a linear cinematic experience could struggle to meet the expectations of loyal GTA fans. Condensing the expansive GTA world into a two-hour movie would prove challenging.

There are also creative risks with licensing the property out to Hollywood studios and producers. Take-Two would have to give up control over their most valuable IP. Any controversies or issues with the movie could indirectly impact the gaming business.

Protecting the Core Business

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Zelnick emphasized that Take-Two's priority is maximizing profits from its core gaming business, where they enjoy market-leading positions and direct control over their valuable franchises like GTA.

The company has been very selective and cautious about licensing out its IP for films, television, or other media. GTA is a highly protected property that Take-Two does not want to risk compromising.

For now, the company is focused on delivering the next epic entry in the GTA series rather than diverting resources and attention to a movie project with questionable upside. The immense success and control Take-Two has over GTA in interactive entertainment outweighs the risks and limited rewards of a movie adaptation.

So while fans may continue hoping to see GTA on the big screen someday, Take-Two's CEO has made it clear a GTA movie is not viable based on their strategic priorities. The potential profits do not justify the risks and creative compromises required. For now, GTA 6 is coming up very soon as announced by company. It will continue redefining interactive storytelling and pushing boundaries within the gaming medium that made it a pop culture icon.

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