Joy-Con Not Connecting to Switch Resolved [2024]

Resolve Nintendo Switch Joy-Con connectivity problems with simple fixes. Clean, update firmware, reset, or seek professional repair for persistent issues.

By Abhishek Chandel
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Joy-Con Not Connecting to Switch Resolved

Joy-Con Not Connecting to Switch Resolved

Are you also facing the issue of "Joy-Con Not Connecting to Switch"? The innovative Joy-Con controllers are a hallmark of the popular Nintendo Switch console. However, many users frequently face irritating connectivity issues. Before you give up on your Joy-Cons, try some simple troubleshooting steps to get them syncing smoothly again. This article provides practical solutions to resolve the most common Joy-Con wireless problems. Keep reading to learn how to fix Joy-Con connectivity on your Nintendo Switch in just a few easy steps.

1. Fix the Joy-Con Connection Without Opening the Switch

Dust and debris buildup on the metal rails where the Joy-Cons connect can definitely cause syncing problems. Carefully cleaning the rails on the Switch console and the contact pins on the Joy-Cons can fix your problem. For this follow these steps:

  1. Gather materials - Q-tips, high % isopropyl alcohol

  2. Flatten Q-tip, cut sides and tip to fit in Joy-Con rail

  3. Dip Q-tip in alcohol, insert into Joy-Con rail, wiggle around

  4. Repeat cleaning for connection points inside Switch console

  5. Let dry completely before reattaching Joy-Con

  6. Test connection by attaching Joy-Con to Switch

Be gentle while cleaning to avoid any damage. A good cleaning should fix the connection problem between the console and controllers.

2. Update the Switch and Joy-Cons to the Latest Firmware

The above fix is for the external problem, but in your case it can be an internal software issue. In most cases, internal software connectivity bugs can be fixed with simple firmware updates.

For this, go to System Settings in your Switch console, then System to check for system updates. Download and install the latest firmware.

You'll also want to update the firmware on the Joy-Cons themselves. With the controllers attached to the console, go to Settings, Controllers and Sensors, then Update Controllers. This will install the newest software on your detachable Joy-Cons.

3. Try Disconnecting and Re-connecting the Joy-Cons

Sometimes the wireless link between the Joy-Cons and Switch just needs a quick reset. Start by powering off the console and disconnecting the Joy-Cons by pressing the release button on their backs.

Next, wait 30 seconds and re-attach the Joy-Cons to the console by sliding them onto the rails. Finally, power the Switch back on and see if the connection has improved. Re-syncing the controllers like this will often fix minor software glitches.

4. Reset the Joy-Cons

If your Joy-Cons seem completely unresponsive or paired incorrectly, resetting them can clear up software-related issues.

Hold down the small sync button on the back of each Joy-Con for 3-5 seconds until the LEDs flash. This will reset the wireless connection so you can pair them with the console again.

5. Send for Nintendo Repair

For hardware-related problems like a faulty wireless antenna, you may need professional repairs. Visit Nintendo's support site to set up a repair service for persistent Joy-Con connectivity problems.


With a few simple troubleshooting steps, most Joy-Con Not Connecting to Switch issues can be resolved. Start by cleaning the connection points, updating the firmware, and re-syncing the controllers. For hardware damage, Nintendo's repair services can get your Switch and Joy-Cons back in working order. Consistent connectivity problems are annoying, but some diligent cleaning, resetting, and updating should have you back to gaming in no time.

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