God Of War Ragnarök: Valhalla - How to defeat Miklimunnr?

Here's how you can defeat Miklimunnr in God Of War Ragnarök with ease by using better strategy and movements to neutralize the big fiery giant

By Mukul Dutt
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God Of War Ragnarök Valhalla How to defeat Miklimunnr

God Of War Ragnarök Valhalla How to defeat Miklimunnr

  • The Valhalla DLC in God Of War Ragnarök is a true gift from Sony Santa Monica Studios to fans all over the world. The DLC is free to play and acts as an epilogue to God Of War Ragnarök's brilliant story. It follows Kratos and his invaluable companion Mimir as they journey through the mythical realm of Valhalla.

    Valhalla boasts a huge variety of incredible set-pieces and boss fights that truly test the player's skills. One such boss fight is Miklimunnr, a fiery giant whom Kratos has to defeat to progress further into the depths of Valhalla. Miklimunnr, despite lacking special attacks, packs a punch and can send players back to the Gates of Valhalla if they aren't careful.



    Defeat Miklimunnr easily in God Of War: Ragnarök

    As the Valhalla DLC is a roguelike experience, the damage output to enemies and bosses will be more in comparison to the base game of God Of War Ragnarök. Players are recommended to equip and prioritize at least one of their main weapons while selecting blessings, otherwise, they will find it out the hard way that their weapons are incapable of eliminating the bosses.

    God of War Ragnarok Miklimunnr Boss fight
    God of War Ragnarok Miklimunnr Boss fight ( Image Via Sony Interactive)

    Like all the giants in God Of War Ragnarök, although Miklimunnr packs a punch, he is slow. Because of this players should prioritize hitting him from behind while maintaining distance as this is the safest strategy. Here are a few methods that players can use to overcome Miklimunnr without taking too much damage from his attacks-

    • The Draupnir spear is truly an MVP for this fight as because of its ranged capabilities it keeps Kratos out of harm's way. Players can just keep hitting Miklimunnr with the throwable spears. Other options such as the Leviathon Axe and the Blades of Chaos are good as well but are riskier as players will have to get closer to Miklimunnr while using them.
    • Miklimunnr, the fiery giant has a rather simple moveset that consists of only two types of attacks- He will either swing the huge pillar he is carrying to subdue the player or stomp them with his feet.
    • Players should be vigilant of Red circles while fighting Miklimunnr, if it is on the pillar he will swing it, if the circle is around or on his feet he will try to stomp the player.

    Additional tips that will help players decimate Milkimunnr

    • If players are striking him from range, they should be careful of the jumping attacks he may perform.
    • None of the attacks Miklimunnr does can be blocked, so dodging will be the player's best friend while fighting him.
    • If players are using either the Leviathon Axe or the Blades of Chaos as their primary tools of destruction they should try to find an opening and strike him from behind.
    • Once Miklimunnr's health bar depletes, a golden ring will form around his head that players need to trigger to take him down swiftly. If players miss this moment Miklimunnr will gain some of his health back. So players need to be quick when they see this.
    God of War Ragnarok Miklimunnr Boss fight
    God of War Ragnarok Miklimunnr Boss fight( Image Via Santa Monica Studios)

    After players defeat Miklimunnr, they can venture deeper into Valhalla with Kratos and Mimir and discover the mystery behind Valhalla. This guide just about wraps up everything that players need to know in order to subdue and defeat Miklimunnr in Sony Santa Monica's God Of War Ragnarök's DLC Valhalla with ease.

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