How to use split screen mode in Fortnite?

Split Screen Mode in Fortnite allows you to play the battle royale mode online with friends using only one device on your PlayStatoin and Xbox consoles.

By Mokshit Batra
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Split Screen Mode in Fortnite.

Split Screen Mode in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The Split Screen Mode in Fortnite is a great addition for co-op players. It allows you to enjoy the popular battle royale with your friends without having to use two devices. You can play in the same team in a public lobby on only one device using Split Screen Mode in Fortnite as long as you have multiple controllers. 

Note that the Split Screen Mode in Fortnite is not available on all devices. This feature can only be used on PlayStation and Xbox consoles: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Using Split Screen Mode in Fortnite may also cause lower FPS, toned-down graphics, and overall poor performance, depending on your hardware.

You may also face higher ping if you have a poor internet connection. This happens because your console is forced to render two players for the same game, which divides the hardware resources. 

Play with Friends on the same device using Split Screen Mode in Fortnite

Before attempting to play Split Screen Mode in Fortnite, you should know that the lobby and menus are not shared between the players. Both players will show up in the same lobby screen and the screen will not be divided outside the game. 

Fortnite Lobby (Image via Epic Games)


Similarly, players will also use the same main menu. Also, Split Screen Mode in Fortnite only works if both players have the same language settings. Simply follow the steps listed below to play Split Screen Mode in Fortnite - 

  • Launch Fortnite on your console. 
  • Go to the lobby. 
  • Connect your second controller to the console. 
  • Log into the second player's console ID from their controller. 
  • Hold down the login button displayed on the bottom right of the screen. (Triangle on PlayStation, A on Xbox)
  • The second player will be logged in and show up on the game's lobby screen. 

As soon as you jump into a game, the screen will be divided into two parts for each player. The split-screen session ends as soon as one player disconnects or exits the match. Players will also be unable to share inventory in Split Screen Mode in Fortnite. This mode only supports one extra player on each device. You cannot create a squad of three or four players playing on the same device. However, if you launch a squads game, the two players on the same console can play with up to two more players online joining from a different device. 

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